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current decays to zero and builds up in the opposite direction. From 240 to 300 the loop is again shorted, thus allowing a slow current decay. Finally, from 300 to 360 the current decays to zero and starts the buildup in the next cycle. The capacitor and power supply are connected to the loop during the current increasing cycles. The waveform of Figure 1.89 approximates a sine wave, the RF carrier. The question arises: How does this switching scheme differ from simply connecting a capacitor in parallel with the loop and connecting both to an RF source The switching circuit effectively generates the RF carrier. Disadvantages of the Merenda circuit are that the waveform of Figure 1.90 contains, in addition to the RF carrier frequency, some higher harmonics, which cause interference, corrupt the signal modulation, and reduce ef ciency somewhat, and that the switching circuit transistors will reduce the DC to RF carrier ef ciency and introduce noise. In both cases the antenna is basically a loop with a shunt capacitor; the bandwidth will be limited by the Q of the tuned loop. The absolute ingenuity of this idea almost blinds one to its utter worthlessness (Air Marshall Tedder), is appropriate here.
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Linear regression provides an estimate of the straight line
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Full-Rate (FR) codec Half-Rate (HR) codec Enhanced Full-Rate (EFR) codec Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) codec Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) codec
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Figure 8-12: The supply curve shifts vertically when market equilibrium resets.
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FIGURE 3.4 Butane.
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No crime seems to evoke as much concern and controversy as child sexual abuse. Fergusson and Mullen (1999) named child sexual abuse as one of the de ning cultural themes of our age (p. 1). Not only has child sexual abuse gained, by far, the most attention of all crimes against children (Jones and Finkelhor, 2001), but virtually every aspect of this crime has been a focus of debate and controversy (Hallberg and Rign , 1995, 1999). One of the most heated arguments has been connected with e professional efforts to determine whether a child has been sexually abused or not (e.g. Berliner and Conte, 1993). Professionals involved in evaluating children have been accused of overdiagnosing sexual abuse (Quinn, 1989) due to the lack of integrity and appropriate assessment procedures (Edvardsson, 1996; Horner, Guyer and Kalter, 1993). Others have claimed that the majority of cases remain undetected (Berliner, 1989). Evaluation of abuse allegations is a matter of concern to all professionals involved in caring for children. Such evaluation may be of great in uence in several parallel but different decision-making procedures, such as placing a child in foster care, arranging treatment for children and families or determining whether a case should be brought to trial. Naturally, the most delicate task for psychological professionals involves the forensic evaluation of alleged victims of child sexual abuse, when a psychologist or psychiatrist is asked to take on the role of an expert witness. From a legal perspective, criminal cases concerning suspected child sexual abuse are among the most complicated (Diesen and Sutorius, 1999). Usually, there is no other
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FORM 11.11 Sample Living Room Inspection Checklist
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401(k) Plans Permitting Participant Contributions by Tax Basis and
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From the discovery of a screening test to the evolution of a vaccine, signi cant advances have been made against cervical cancer in the last 65 years. It began with Georges Papanicolau, deemed the father of cytology after publishing his work Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear in 1943. The Pap test was born, and never since has a more effective cancer screening test been produced. Today, with little modi cation in the basic methods described by Papanicolau, the Pap smear remains the cornerstone for the detection of premalignant and malignant changes of the cervix. The initial proposal that cervical cancer was a sexually transmitted disease was made in 1842, by Dr. Rigoni-Stern, when he reported that prostitutes were af icted by cervical cancer but nuns were not. While epidemiologic studies con rmed that sexual contact (early onset of sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, high-risk males, and herpes simplex virus infections) was a risk for cervical cancer, the true cause was not identi ed until the late 1970s, when zur Hausen discovered the human papilloma virus (HPV) in cervical cancer and genital
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