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Anorexia nervosa is a signi cant cause of morbidity and mortality with a Standardised Mortality Ratio among the highest of all psychiatric conditions (Harris & Barraclough, 1998). It can therefore result in very high levels of anxiety in families and health care professionals. This anxiety often leads to the demand for inpatient care, and, in some lifethreatening situations, admission cannot be avoided. However, inpatient treatment may not be necessary or even desirable for most patients. There is some inconclusive evidence that hospital inpatient care may adversely affect outcome in young patients (Gowers et al., 2000) while evidence for the advantage of inpatient over outpatient care is lacking, or suggests no signi cant advantage (Crisp et al., 1991, Gowers et al., 1994). In this chapter, the relative advantages and disadvantages of inpatient versus community care will be described, and a new active model of community care in use at the Royal Free Hospital described.
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Figure 3-12. Percentages of individuals of woody species with shoot suckers (a) and root
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In the case that ``rot'' is ``RPY'' (roll-pitch-yaw coordinates) and ``non'' is ``ECI'' (earth centered inertial coordinates), Eq. C.216 becomes d RPY CECI CRPY vRPY  ; ECI dt
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where ZL is the total impedance of the load section. Here, In represents the current owing in to the load section. The partial loads Zpi used in Eqs. (3.4.20) are given by Zp1 Zp2 k Zx ZB where ZB RB sLB and so on, until Zp n 2 Zp n 1 k Zx ZB Zp n 1 Zpn k Zx ZB Zpn
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Face Value of Debt
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Recent Advances in Optical Networking Technology and Responses
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Parkinson's disease
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Essential XUL Programming
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A 27-year-old Caucasian multigravida presents for routine antenatal ultrasound examination at 12 weeks gestation. This reveals a placental tumor suspicious for hydatidiform mole and an hCG value of 278,666. The fetus, on the other hand, has no visible sonographic anomalies.
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