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where the equality is by Lemma 2. If the algorithm overestimates F0 by a factor of c, then it must exist an index j such that C[j] = 1 and 2j /F0 > c (i.e., j > log2 (c F0 )). By de nition of Zj , this implies Zlog2 (c F0 ) 1. Thus, Pr[ j : C[j] = 1 and 2j /F0 > c ] Pr[ Zlog2 (c F0 ) 1 ] F0 1 = , c 2log2 (c F0 )
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The sftp command lets you use an FTP-like interface to find and copy files over SSH protocols. Here s an example of how to start an sftp session:
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FIGURE 15.3 (a) Every cone with angle must contain at least a neighbor node. (b) The structural properties of CBTC depending on the parameter .
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relating to the organization s product/service portfolio. These can be statements about the brands to be used, models for the creation of products by using standard components, standards with regard to life-cycle management of products and services, introduction policies with regard to new services, and the like.
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Dichroic mirror Laser
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