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need greater numbers of people, whereas smaller companies can find it difficult to offer competitive compensation, perquisites, and benefits. Other Plans A wide variety of plans fell into the other category, such as that of one 12,000person manufacturing firm in the Midwest, which has a lot going on. We have a task team analyzing retirement, the new workforce, and succession planning. Increased compensation training will allow us to hire new employees at more appropriate (often lower) rates, said the compensation analyst. A number of other companies also mentioned compensation training that is, educating managers and supervisors about proper compensation levels, pay for performance and bonus criteria, promotional guidelines, and more. In addition, several organizations mentioned the desire to create career paths for their employees. This issue does have a strong compensation component, but it can also serve as a major motivational and retention tool, because many employees want to know how they can advance their careers and increase their pay. They consider advancement crucial to their satisfaction with their current jobs. USING SALARY SURVEYS FOR MARKET-PRICING JOBS When JC Penney decided to change its business model to continue to compete, the department store and catalog chain realized it was necessary to change its compensation program as well. The new pay program would be designed to help support the business and culture changes that were under way. Two of the key components of the new pay program included a focus on market pricing and job evaluations. JC Penney worked with the Hay Group to create a new compensation plan that would help to manage change. JC Penney went from a compensation plan that gave people comfortable predictability to rewarding success and contributions, said Kevin A. Seaweard, a senior national retail practice consultant at the Hay Group. In the old plan, merit pay had little meaning. Performance reviews rewarded tenure instead of results, fostering an entitlement culture. Basically, we were paying for effort and not results. But we weren t getting the results we needed to achieve, said Donna Graebner, senior project manager of compensation at Penney. We introduced a new performance management tool. To reinforce our new value system, [we sent the message that] you have to increase your value to the organization in order to get an increase in pay. Because determining job titles and compensation was an important step in moving toward a new business model, the HR department became a crucial component of the process, according to Graebner. Using Market Data Previously, JC Penney promoted from within, whether or not the candidate was a good fit for another job. Another problem with the old pay structure was that there were 29 pay grades, or position responsibility levels (PRLs). Employees could move through the many levels, but the movement did not translate into any substantial differences in their job responsibilities, titles, or pay levels.
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FIGURE 4.26 Use of a long call and a short put to create a synthetic long forward.
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viewpoint is that storage, computation, and networking will become so cheap that they do not warrant the operating costs and additional complexity of managing them as a shared resource. The UCLP system [38] is a popular architecture that, in part, reflects this viewpoint. Scheduling is most effective when it is used to leverage resource requests that afford some flexibility in use or laxity. The laxity of a task using certain resource is the difference between its deadline and the time at which it would finish executing on that resource if it were to start executing at the start time. When a Grid network infrastructure includes some scheduling intelligence, there are further design points at which a process can decide which scheduling policies should be used with the scheduler, e.g., whether preemption is allowed, whether the programming model allows negotiation, and what the constraints are. An obvious constraint is network capacity. A more subtle constraint results from the probability of blocking, i.e., the probability that the network layers will be unable to carry out a task because it does not fit in the envelope of available resources, and its execution would impact tasks of equal or greater priority. While blocking probability has been a well-known byproduct of circuit-oriented networks, it can be argued that any network cloud that regulates access through admission control can be abstracted as a resource with nonzero blocking probability. Blocking probability requires additional domain-specific resource rules. In the DWDM networks in the optical domain, for instance, the capability to have an end-to-end path with the same wavelength (or color ) precludes the use of that wavelength over other partially overlapping paths. Care should be given to properly control the scheduling syndromes that are found in other systems (both digital systems and human-centered systems) exposing shared access and advance reservations semantics. Syndromes include fragmentation (i.e., the time slots that are left are not optimally suited to mainstream requests), overstated reservations or no-shows limiting overall utilization, inadequate resource split between on-demand requests and advance reservations, and starvation of requests (e.g., when the system allows scheduling policies other than First In First Out (FIFO)). Of special significance are efforts such as those that can relate laxity and data transfer size to the global behavior of a network [69,70]. In addition, they shed light on the opportunity to right size reservations with regard to optimal operating points for the network.
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In addition to scheduled data, HSUPA also supports something called non-scheduled transmission . This allows the RNC to con gure a speci c MAC-d ow (a speci c service) to have a guaranteed physical layer data rate e ectively disabling Node B scheduler control of this particular service. A non-scheduled HSUPA MAC-d ow is best characterized as a Release 99 DCH with a physical layer HARQ. If a 2-ms TTI is used, the non-scheduled MAC-d ow can be restricted to speci c HARQ processes only. In this way the minimum data rate allocation for such a MAC-d ow can be reduced from the relatively high minimum data rate applicable with a 2-ms TTI.
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Figure 8-8: The equilibrium price and quantity happen where the demand curve crosses the supply curve.
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By verifying service quality and tracking utilization of available features, says John Harabedian, a Schwab vice president, we can help sponsors improve their companies retirement plans as we continually look for ways to improve our service. Different Evaluation Techniques and Issues Fidelity s Your Ultimate Plan Design diagnostic tool looks at what it calls the key goals of plan design: participation, diversification, contributions, employee engagement (including online statements, participant Web site, targeted education programs, and the ability to offer personalized communications), and administration. Sponsors complete an interactive questionnaire on these issues and in return are given a report on both the strengths and weaknesses of their plans. They are then given a detailed set of steps they can take to enhance the operation of their 401(k) plans. Fidelity s Your Ultimate Plan Design appears to cover the principal facets of plan design. But because a provider designs the evaluation tools making these tools, in a sense, report cards on the services the provider itself offers the tools obviously concentrate on facets of plan design that are the strengths of the particular
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