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Proof. The proof of this theorem is obtained in direct analogy to the proof of Theorem 7.3.3: all one has to do is to add the class attribute as an additional condition in all expressions referring to the tree considered in Theorem 7.3.3. This changes the occurring instances of mutual information to conditional mutual information and thus provides the proof of this theorem. Note that, unfortunately, none of the above Theorems 7.3.1 7.3.4 can be transferred to possibilistic networks, as can be seen from the simple relational example discussed in Section 7.1.3 (cf. Figure 7.4 on page 176). Nevertheless, the construction of a maximum weight spanning tree is a valuable heuristic method for learning possibilistic networks as well. As mentioned above, an optimum weight spanning tree may also serve as the starting point for another algorithm. In the following we suggest an algorithm that can be seen as a modification of an algorithm mentioned above, namely the one by [Rebane and Pearl 1987] for constructing a polytree. The basic idea of this algorithm is as follows: first an (undirected) maximum weight spanning tree is constructed. Then this tree is enhanced by edges where a conditional independence statement implied by the tree does not hold (cf. also Section 7.1.2). The main advantage of such an approach is that by introducing restrictions w.r.t. to which edges may be added, we can easily control the complexity of the resulting graph a consideration that is usually important for applications (cf. also Section 7.3.3). For example, we may allow adding edges only between nodes that have a common neighbor in the constructed optimum weight spanning tree. With this restriction the suggested algorithm is very closely related to the algorithm by [Rebane and Pearl 1987]: directing two edges so that they converge at a node is equivalent to adding an edge between the source nodes of these edges to the corresponding moral graph.24 However, our approach is slightly more general as can be seen from Figure 7.14. The two dotted edges cannot both be the result of marrying parents. As a consequence, it can learn undirected graphs that are more complex than moral graphs of polytrees. An interesting further restriction of the edges that may be added is the following requirement: if all edges of the optimum weight spanning tree are removed, the remaining graph must be acyclic. This condition is interesting, because it guarantees that the resulting graph has hypertree structure and that its maximal cliques comprise at most three nodes.
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In the period 1982 until end of 1998 the work on the GSM standard, and in the later part of the period on UMTS, had been performed in the same environment, starting under CEPT and later transferred into ETSI. The Technical Committee GSM, during this period renamed to SMG, and its working groups (Sub Technical Committees) had continuously existed and evolved. The same was the case for the working methods and procedures used within the work. Over time with the success of the GSM system more and more interested parties became involved in the work including parties from outside the original CEPT area. However, this was all a relatively slow evolution and no major revolutions in the organisation or the working methods occurred in this period. After all these years of continuity in the work the discussions around the creation of 3GPP and the decision to establish 3GPP for the initial phase of UMTS 2 naturally created some uncertainty amongst the members of SMG. Especially the resulting split of the GSM standardisation, with the responsibility for the GSM core network transferred to 3GPP, but the responsibility for the GSM radio access Network maintenance remained in ETSI in SMG. This caused some concern amongst many delegates. Also the internal structure for the technical work within 3GPP was different from the well-known structure in SMG. SMG was based on a technical plenary with a number of working groups (SMG1, SMG2, , SMG12) performing the detailed technical work. The SMG plenary was the approving authority for the results of the work performed by the working groups. Also the plenary was the group responsible for approval of all new work items and the content of the releases. The structure for the work in 3GPP, as agreed by the partners, was quite different. The project
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Table 2.1
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Foundations of Soft Case-Based Reasoning. By Sankar K. Pal and Simon C. K. Shiu ISBN 0-471-08635-5 Copyright # 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Element names must begin with either the underscore character or a letter; following characters may be just about anything except spaces. Also, element names are case sensitive. For instance, </aTag> is not the closing tag for <Atag>. XML enables tags to contain no data. For example, HTML tags that contain no data have no closing tags (for example, no </IMG> tag is required). HTML may or may not ignore unknown tags. However, XML must be able to recognize and process every tag present in a document. To deal with tags that contain no data, XML allows for empty tags. An empty tag is closed with /> (for example, <IMG/>). XML enables an author to categorize data by using meaningful tag names and organize data by developing a hierarchy between parent and child elements. An author may also attach attributes to an element. As in HTML, XML enables an author to code name/value pairs with elements. For example, the following element contains one attribute: <Department Location="Home Office">
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The sale in the preceding example is automatically treated as an installment sale since at least one payment (actually four) was made after the end of the tax year in which the sale occurred (i.e., after 2000). The installment sales treatment will apply to any similar sale unless the seller specif ically elects not to have the installment sales rules apply. When the seller receives installment payments under a purchase money mortgage or an installment contract, only a portion of each payment is taxable. The basic rule is that the portion of each payment is taxable that is equal to the same proportion that the seller s gross prof it on the entire sale bears to the total contract price the buyer is to pay. This concept is much more easily understood with an example.
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2 Pub. L. No. 94 142 was amended in 1978 (Pub. L. No. 98 773), 1983 (Pub. L. No. 98 199), twice in 1986 (Pub. L. No. 99 457 and Pub. L. No. 99 372), 1988 (Pub. L. No. 100 630), 1990 (Pub. L. No. 101 476), and 1991 (Pub. L. No. 102 119).
The operation is simpli ed with the de nition that the retransmission will always assume the same number of slots for rate matching and spreading factor selection. From a practical operation point of view, sending slots with reasonable energy per bit is also preferable to sending at very high data rates (which would be subject to terminal capabilities as well) for just a few slots. With downlink HSUPA signalling channels (E-RGCH/E-AGCH/E-HICH), despite the terminal trying to grab most of the energy it is allowed to ignore those slots that overlap with a downlink TX GAP. Similarly to HSDPA, the use of compressed mode on E-DPDCH can be avoided. There is a possibility to recon gure to the DCH when performing inter-system or interfrequency measurements. From the network point of view, con guring from a 10-ms to a 2-ms TTI to avoid dealing with compressed mode is not typically a sensible thing to do as inter-system and inter-frequency measurements are often needed at the point when the terminal is closer to the coverage limit and, thus, is having its transmission power limited. As discussed in Section 5.3.8, the link budget with signalling using a 2-ms TTI is worse and, thus, does not suggest using 2 ms for typical cases of compressed mode.
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