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jackets, basically an FTTH system is not one in which there is a natural way to power the ONU from the head end. By contrast, the important power supply capability of legacy copper-based systems, whether telco twisted-pair or cable provider coax, has played a signi cant role in various arguments in the public utilities commissions and with the public as to whether FTTH providers have an obligation to continue this service. In most parts of the United States, when there is a natural calamity such as a hurricane or earthquake, the POTS resources will be the last to lose power, and people have gotten used to this reassuring contact with the rest of the world when disaster hits. The installation, care, and feeding of a large central of ce 48V battery banks, backed up by motor generator equipment that can keep power on the system as long as fuel is available, has constituted a major investment overhead for telephone companies worldwide. The wave of common carrier deregulation and increased competitiveness that began in the 1980s has weakened this commitment to centralized power by telcos and their cable competitors and has caused both industries to be increasingly satis ed with localized rather than centralized subscriber battery backup. For telco subscribers, power unreliability has been exacerbated by the increased use of ber-fed subscriber loop carrier (SLC) units, handling entire neighborhoods, with each SLC supplied with only a few hours of its own battery backup. The decreasing emphasis on telco responsibility to provide centralized power is also driven by the proliferation of cell phones, but their base stations often have only battery
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KeepDynamic.com/barcode Glutathione status Organic xenobiotics usually undergo biotransformation via phase I (cytochrome P450 system) and phase II or conjugative reactions which produce derivatives that may be readily excreted in urine. Conjugation with reduced glutathione (GSH) is a very important route of detoxi cation of electrophilic xenobiotics and is catalysed by glutathione-S-transferases or GST, a multigene family of enzymes (James, 1987; George, 1994). Reduced glutathione also acts as a ROS scavenger and protects cells against oxidative stress. Additionally, glutathione and other cellular thiols have been shown to protect cells from metal toxicity through their ability to sequester the metals. The importance of cellular glutathione status in metal toxicity has been underlined in an in vitro study using a continuous rainbow trout cell line (Maracine & Segner, 1998). Thus, the toxicity of Hg, Cu and Cd was signi cantly increased in GSH-depleted cells, whereas the toxicity of Zn, Ni and Pb was not altered. In a sh hepatoma cell line (Poeciliopsis hepatoma cells), Cd treatment led to signi cant increases of GSH, Zn treatment produced no change in GSH and treatment with H2O2 reduced cellular GSH concentration (Schlenk & Rice, 1998). Usually, xenobiotics that cause induction of the cytochrome P450 system (such as PAHs or the model drug phenobarbital) also cause an elevation of GSH-requiring enzyme levels and reduction of cellular GSH concentrations (Peterson & Guengerich, 1988). Also, lipid peroxidation products reduce the levels of reduced glutathione, thus leading to alterations in the redox status of cell (Viarengo, 1989). Examples of contaminant-related induction of GST have been reported in rainbow trout exposed to disulphoton and endosulphan in combination (Arnold et al., 1995).
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As de ned by the Restorative Justice Consortium (1998), Restorative Justice seeks to balance the concerns of the victim and the community with the need to reintegrate the offender into society. It seeks to assist the recovery of the victim and enable all parties with a stake in the justice process to participate fruitfully in it (p. 2). In support of this endeavor, the following core assumptions have been identi ed:
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# num for numerator of Mason s rule num := w01*w12*w23*w34*w45*w56*w67*w78: # define loops w1:=w10*w01: w2:=w12*w21: w3:=w23*w32: w4:=w34*w43: w5:=w45*w54: w6:=w56*w65: w7:=w67*w76: # l1: first order, l2: second order l1 := w1+w2+w3+w4+w5+w6+w7: l2 := w1*(w3+w4+w5+w6+w7)+w2*(w4+w5+w6+w7)+ w3*(w5+w6+w7)+w4*(w6+w7)+w5*w7: # Continued in Figure 9.12
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3.36 6.63 28.12 25.66 3.99 4.90 3.19 33.57 3.85 2.00 0.58 5.19 2.79 0.17 2.53 1.55 14.79 2.03 0.35
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In a similar manner, the current I2 leaving node 2 through impedance Zc in con guration (a) is given by I2 V 2 V1 1 1=K V2 V2 Zc Zc = 1 1=K Zc
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6% - 9%
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(i-Am)4N+ 0.1939 0.0014, Hex4N+ 0.1731 0.0013, Hep4N+ 0.1620 0.0014, (i-Am)3BuN+ 0.2005 0.0011, Ph4As+ 0.1903 0.0014, Ph4B 0.2008 0.0031, (i-Am)4B 0.1986 0.0004 (S cm2 mol 1 P).
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