Acid-Base Reactions in Aprotic Solvents of High Permittivity
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It is concerned not so much with what happened as what the subject feels about what happened and whether what the subject says is backed up by evidence. The general quality of child caregiver relationships is probed, together with experiences of early separation, illnesses, losses, rejection, and maltreatment; the interviewer probes for speci c memories to illustrate general statements. There are three main categories in this classi cation system: Free-autonomous (F), Dismissive (D), and Preoccupied (E). Secure adults categorised (F) are said to value intimate relationships, and acknowledge their effects. In addition, some interviews are characterised by an apparent failure to resolve mourning over loss or abuse, and are separately classi ed as Unresolved (U). Subjects who simultaneously possess E and D qualities are described as Cannot Classify (CC). All interviews are rated on a number of scales concerning Probable Experience (of attachment gures) and current State of Mind of the interviewee; these scales contribute to the overall classi cation (D/E/F/U). The AAI has been shown to have predictive validity for the quality of infant attachment in the next generation (van IJzendoorn, 1995), in as much as two-thirds of infant attachments on the ABCD classi cation match their parents attachment category on the AAI.
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bank account is manipulated. It is not only client objects that have to be authenticated, but authentication is frequentlynecessaryfor server objects, too. For example, a principal who is requested to provide bank account details or a credit card number wants to be assured that the server belongs the bank or the e-commerce site with which the principal wants to conduct business. In order to achieve such a trusted association, clients and servers authenticate themselves with the security service of the object-oriented middleware. The security service provides authentication operations with which the client can obtain a certified set of their credentials. In order to do so, the clients and servers provide a security identifier, such as the login name, and the authentication data of the principal. The authentication data is used by the service as evidence that the principal is an authorized user of the system. The middleware stores the credentials that the authentication service provides in an attribute that the middleware keeps to store information about the session of the current principal. The C O RBA C u r r e n t object is such a session object. It uses the credentials for implementing the security of further object requests. As the credentials include, for example, the access rights that were granted to the principal, the middleware can then decide whether the principal is allowed to execute a certain operation or not. The securityservice implements authentication using encryption techniques and both public and secret keys can be used for this purpose. The use of encryption avoids storing the authentication data of principals as plain text when their disclosure could be used by an attacker for masquerading purposes. Authentication might also be performed using a challenge response protocol, where the securityservice challenges the principal during login with a phrase and the principal responds by encrypting the phrase using its private key (see Figure 12.6) The security service can then use the principal s public key to decrypt the phrase and authenticate the principal based on the assumption that only the principal could have encrypted the phrase. U sing challenge response protocols, the authentication server avoids storing authentication information at all.
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ESSENTIALS of Intellectual Proper ty
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reference population, it must be concluded that the reduction of reproductive capacity is completely compensated, i.e. a factor responsible for reduction of the year class strength is substituted by another. Although there are no examples with respect to pollution, if pollution is included merely as another stressor which may cause mortality but which is obscured by natural mortality, then the effect will not be detected. Wootton (1990) noted that a density-dependent effect for the dynamics of the population may be present, but may be too weak to result in any signi cant regulation of the population. A strong density-dependent effect ( shery) can even destabilise a population by increasing the chance that very low densities are reached (den Boer, 1987). With respect to incomplete compensation, as competition between adults would not initially change, growth characteristics of the adults may initially remain the same, although an increased growth rate in response to a decreased population size is generally characteristic (Munkittrick & Dixon, 1989). The shery may have another impact on the sh stock as more younger sh can then be caught than would be the case without this compensation mechanism. Density-independent populations If the limits within which the compensatory mechanisms are able to operate are exceeded, or density-independent mechanisms are dominant, random larval mortality factors will be the same as in unstressed populations, and reduction of year-class strength is inevitable to an additional reduction in reproductive capacity. Rapport (1989) commented that in the Baltic Sea, many sh species are living at the limit of their distribution area. Population density and growth are mainly regulated by temperature and salinity such that the sh may be sensitive to other stressors. As a result, a number of sh populations in the Baltic Sea are good examples of density-independent populations. The central dif culty in linking the above to the effects of pollution is that there are very limited empirical data to follow the sequence of pollutants affecting young stages through to population changes. As a way forward, Schaaf et al. (1987) developed a simulation model to estimate pollution effects on economically important estuarine-dependent sh populations. Available life history data on eight species (fourteen spatial-temporal stocks) is compiled, concentrating on age-speci c rates of growth, survival and fecundity. Leslie matrix models of species population dynamics were used to predict pollutant impacts mediated through changes in rst year survival. Schaaf et al. (1987) found that on average, and without compensation, these modelled stocks respond to a one-time 50% reduction in rst year survival by taking ten years to equilibrate at 88% of their pre-impact abundance. Synthesis of the data included a search for derived (standardised) population parameters to evaluate differences in susceptibility both among and within sh populations, to pollutant stresses. It was demonstrated that knowledge of a species age-speci c fecundity pattern provides additional predictive power of its response to pollution perturbation. In the case of reduced reproductive capacity and/or increased juvenile and/or egg mortality, the mean age of the population will increase in response to a decreased population size, resulting in an older and weaker population, and possibly the absence of younger year classes. Munkittrick and Dixon (1989) called this a Type II response in contrast to the in uence of shery (adult removal), which leads to increased growth rate and fecundity, as
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Essential XUL Programming
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Watch Out for Owners Using Fuzzy Math on Income and Expense Statements
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