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Vector transposition,, represented by the post-superscript T transforms row vectors to column vectors, and vice versa: Q y1 T y2 U T U T U T y T y3 U: T . U R . S . ym P
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Sensor network
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The theory that children imagine abuse has been accepted by many since Freud promulgated it in the late nineteenth century. However, Freud s theory has largely been discounted. Modern researchers argue strongly that children cannot imagine or fantasise that which they have not experienced (MacFarlane et al., 1986; Spencer and Flin, 1993; see also, more generally, Crew, 1995). Modern studies suggest that children are not generally prone to confusing reality with imagined events (Johnson and Foley, 1984; Lindsay and Johnson, 1987). Both the main studies, by Johnson and Foley (1984) and by Roberts and Blades (1995), discounted age differences between children s and adults ability to distinguish imagined and real events. Johnson and Foley found that only the very youngest children perform less well than adults and then are only inferior in distinguishing their own real and imagined actions, not those of other people. Roberts and Blades methodologically superior study, however, found almost no age differences at all. It is possible that a child with psychotic delusions might confuse reality and imagination but such delusions are so rare in children that the risk is negligible. Further, even a delusional child would need experiences on which to base allegations of sexual abuse (Nurcombe, 1986).
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130 Ethics: The Heart of Health Care
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When a small piece of sodium metal is put into water, it reduces the water and generates sodium hydroxide and molecular hydrogen that burns over the surface of water. On the other hand, when sodium metal is put into oxygen-free acetonitrile (AN), it remains without reducing AN. The third case is when sodium metal is put into oxygen-free hexamethylphosphoric triamide (HMPA). It gradually dissolves in HMPA, forming bluish-violet solvated electrons and solvated sodium ions. Solvated electrons in water (hydrated electrons) are very unstable, but solvated electrons in HMPA are fairly stable even at room temperature. It is interesting that sodium metal, which is a strong reducing agent, reacts in very different ways in different solvents. This is a result of the difference in acid-base and redox properties of the solvents. Just as the pH windows are useful in discussing the applicability of solvents as media for acid-base reactions, the potential windows (sometimes called electrochemical windows) are convenient to predict the usefulness of solvents as media for redox reactions. It is desirable that the potential windows are expressed based on a common (solvent-independent) potential scale, like the pH windows based on a common (solvent-independent) pH scale (Fig. 3.6). For water, the reactions that determine the potential window are simple and well defined. The negative end of the potential window is determined by the reduction of water, which generates hydrogen gas and hydroxide ions [Eq. (4.13)]. The positive end, on the other hand, is determined by the oxidation of water, which generates oxygen gas and hydrogen ions [Eq. (4.14)]: 2H2 O 2e 3 H2 2OH 2 2H2 O 3 O2 4 H 4e 2
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Should a LLC be used for the investor What payments will the investor (parent) be primarily responsible for and what payments will the home buyer be primarily responsible for How much cash must each put into the house How much of the house will each own How much rent must the home buyers pay the investor (parent) How long will the agreement continue before the home buyers have to buy out the investor s interests What kind of access and inspection rights will the investor have to the house What happens if the home buyers want to make an improvement Will the investor have any say in which contractors do the work Should the investor be afforded an opportunity to review or approve the plans Who should benef it from the cost of the improvements when the property is sold Who should pay for repairs What happens if one person wants to sell and the other doesn t Can the home buyers sublet If the home buyers miss payments, what rights should the investor have to buy them out, to evict them, and to claim for damages (It is important to have an attorney in the area where the house is located advise you of any local laws that may affect the investor s rights.) How much insurance must be carried Who is responsible Who pays (The investor will want to be named on the insurance policies, have a copy of the policies, and get notice from the insurance company if the investor ever fails to make a required payment.) What happens if the investor or the home buyer dies If the home buyer wants to keep the house, how does he or she determine the fair price of the house for purposes of buying out the investor (This can be done by establishing a formula in the beginning, or using some form of appraisal procedure. For example, the investor can hire an appraiser. If the home buyer doesn t agree with the appraised amount, he or she can hire his or her own appraiser. If the two appraisers don t agree, they can choose a third appraiser whose opinion must be followed.)
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and DVD media have a xed storage capacity and it is necessary to control the rate of an encoded video sequence (for example, a movie stored on DVD-Video) to t the capacity of the medium. The variable data rate produced by an encoder can be smoothed by buffering the encoded data prior to transmission. Figure 7.36 shows a typical arrangement, in which the variable bitrate output of the encoder is passed to a First In/First Out (FIFO) buffer. This buffer is emptied at a constant bitrate that is matched to the channel capacity. Another FIFO is placed at the input to the decoder and is lled at the channel bitrate and emptied by the decoder at a variable bitrate (since the decoder extracts P bits to decode each frame and P varies).
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Ivory Coast and other members of the West African Monetary Union
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