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where w t is a zero-mean white-noise process with known variance. Bias variability from turn-on is called bias stability, and bias variability after turnon is called bias drift. Scale Factor form as The gyroscope scale factor is usually speci ed in compensation oinput Cscalefactor ooutput ; 6:20
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Excitation and Fluorescence Wavelengths of Some Commonly Used Fluorescent Dyesa Excitation Color Band UV Mean Absorption Wavelength 330 340 340 345 349 355 375, 398 428 470 470 484 473 492 491 503 506 511 514 520 540 542 548 565 569 575 592 621, 650 656, 675 Mean Fluorescence Wavelength 401 510 525 460 448 465 424 540 550 530 650 501 578 520 509 511 526 530 533 610 578 574 587 578 565 595 610 661 678 Quantum Efficiency Resistance to Photobleaching
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The ODMG-93 standard defines an object-oriented query language (OQL). OQL extends SQL with mechanisms to invoke methods during the execution of queries. OQL has standardized programming language bindings and it is therefore possible to embed OQL queries in operations in the schema as well as in programs that access the schema.
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DCCH/DTCHs MAC-d in RNC MAC-d flows Reordering (MAC-es in RNC) MAC-d flows
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As mentioned in the introduction to this chapter, RDF is a standard facility for describing Internet resources. The foundation of RDF is a model for representing properties and values. An RDF data model consists of three types of objects: resources, properties, and statements.2 A resource is something that is being described. A property is a characteristic used to describe a resource, and an RDF statement ties a resource to a named property. A statement consists of a resource, property, and property value. Any resource being described is the subject. The property being described is the predicate. The property value, which is usually a number or a string literal, is the object. As an example, we can dissect the following sentence into RDF syntax: Kevin Smith is the author of the Web page http://www.geocities. com/trumantruck/. The main resource of this sentence is the Web page, so http:// is the subject. The property being described is author, so that will be the predicate. Finally, the property value of author is Kevin Smith, so that value is the object. In the sentence, the subject is the Web page, the predicate is the author, and the object is Kevin Smith. An example RDF graph for that sentence is shown in Figure 6.1.
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