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The same approach was chosen for HSUPA terminal capabilities as with HSDPA. The terminal informs the network of one from six possible terminal categories instead of signalling individual capabilities. The key di erences between di erent categories are related to the terminal s multicode capability and to the support of a 2-ms TTI. All terminal categories support the 10-ms TTI. The categories are shown in Table 5.8.
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Security Services in Object-Oriented Middleware
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With the merging of Fedora Core and Fedora Extras into one massive repository, literally thousands of open source software packages are available for you to install for free. If you have an Internet connection, Fedora 7 is automatically configured to access the repository. Repositories that are enabled are represented by .repo files in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory. Simple yum commands, described later, can be used to download and install software packages from those repositories. To have access to many more software packages that were built particularly for your version of Fedora, you can enable more software repositories for yum. Although the Fedora Project doesn t officially bless any of the yum software repositories outside of the main Fedora repository, most Fedora users draw on one or more outside repositories to get the software they need. Keep in mind, however, that some repositories go to great lengths to be compatible with existing Fedora packages, as well as those from other outside repositories. This should reduce occurrences of packages from outside repositories not installing because of broken dependencies. WARNING! The Fedora project doesn t officially recommend outside repositories. So, you are basically on your own when you get packages from these third-party repositories. Risks include potential conflicts with repositories that offer the same software and dangers that can come from replacing core system components. Be careful with blanket yum upgrade. You re sometimes better off selectively installing the specific packages you need from the third-party repository. To enable repositories from the following list, you need to install the .repo files needed to point to each repository and GPG keys needed to verify the authenticity of the packages you download from them. Instead of creating this information manually, most of the third-party Fedora repositories offer an RPM package you can download and install that includes that information. Based on recommendations from Fedora users, consider using the following repositories (in the order shown): RPMForge ( Provides a wide range of packages, while striving for compatibility with the main Fedora repository. Packages are also available for RHEL/CentOS, Red Hat Linux, and other distributions across i386, x86_64, and other architectures. Several popular repositories including Dag Wieers ( are being merged into RPMForge. ( Contains packages that include codecs and drivers (such as ATI and NVIDIA video drivers) that may have restrictions that prevent them from being redistributed with Fedora. The packages may include components needed for otherwise unsupported audio and video players. FreshRPMS ( Contains packages particularly for media players and wireless network card support.
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There are many reasons to share your work freely. Most important, it s a way to show potential employers, clients, and partners your talents. As you saw earlier, sharing online builds your professional profile. Your professional profile can attract new opportunities to you; clients and employers and partners will come to you. But there are other reasons to share your work. It gives you an easy way to get feedback. People who look at your work online won t hesitate to comment on it, if you give them the chance. This is both good and bad, because sometimes it s uncomfortable to have what you ve done and what you think scrutinized regularly. It s useful, however, to understand what people think of your work. You learn while you share. The best way to learn about something is to produce your own work in that area. Knowing that other people will evaluate and use what you offer puts additional pressure onto your work, making you work that much harder and make it that much better. Sharing makes people familiar with your work and this may make them appreciate it more over time. Some parents follow a rule of thumb that kids need to be exposed to a new food 11 times before they ll like it. Similarly, exposing people to your work will, over time, make them more familiar with it and more open to what you re trying to achieve. Psychologists know this as the exposure effect. And finally, giving your work away helps you build connections to other people. Sharing what s important to you helps you find other people with
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