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Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices
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Ethics, rationality and the Values Exchange a passionate summary about a piece of logic Ethics and the Values Exchange
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Appendix B B.1 B.2 B.3
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Do not overlook training, both in credit-related areas and for noncredit skills that are needed to do a good job. Some of these areas might include use of Excel, accounting software, Access, and other programs. Training should include both lessons in how to use these technologies and also how these technologies can be used in the credit and collections department. When the staff has these skills, they will often find additional ways to use these technologies to make the credit and collections department even more efficient. Focus on collections. Given the tight economic environment, the focus of some departments is shifting from an emphasis on up-front credit granting to the back-end collections efforts. This is not to say that the credit extension is not important it is. But, with less credit being extended at certain companies, more efforts should be put on beginning collections efforts earlier, especially with financially challenged customers.
The Inmarsat Civil Navigation Geostationary Satellite Overlay extends and complements the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. The overlay navigation signals are generated at ground based facilities. For example, for WAAS, two signals are generated from Santa Paula, California one for AOR-W and one for POR. The back-up signal for POR is generated from Brewster, Washington. The backup signal for AOR-W is generated from Clarksburg, Maryland. Signals are uplinked to Inmarsat-3 satellites such as AOR-W and POR. These satellites contain special satellite repeater channels for rebroadcasting the navigation signals to users. The use of satellite repeater channels differs from the navigation signal broadcast techniques employed by GLONASS and GPS. GLONASS and GPS satellites carry their own navigation payloads that generate their respective navigation signals. 1.2.7 Future Satellite Systems
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