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helps the therapist understand Shannon s feelings of abandonment and her vulnerability to her stepfather s victimization. The therapist can help her separate memories of these early attachment failures from the interpersonal workings of the relationship with Luke. This in turn will reduce the personalization and reactivity that is taking place within the context of the current relationship. Educating the couple about the etiology of dissociation, helping them understand that it is a protective measure, is a first step to mitigating this issue. The couples therapist can reframe each of Shannon and Luke s behaviors as providing protection in moments of fear and can help them find alternative methods to communicate their fears to each other. Shannon s rage can also be explained as a normal response to her abuse and its expression as a part of her healing process. The therapist must help Shannon become aware of the triggers that cause her outbursts and help her develop the conscious awareness of her fear, so as to better communicate her fear with Luke and ease her distress. Somatic cues that precede problematic behaviors (for example, muscle tension and stomach upset) can serve as early warning signals of these reactive behaviors. For example, Shannon s reactions to the smells of alcohol and tobacco may now be associated with traumatic memories of her abuse and these surface when she is having sexual contact with Luke. In addition to olfactory memories, other somatic memories might include body, tactile, and visual ones and should be explored with the couple. Learning communication skills and practicing them through role playing in session provides the couple with alternatives to problematic behaviors and can instill a sense of competence in each of them. Role playing in session allows the therapist to help the couple refine their responses to each other. As treatment continues, the therapist can support the couple in communicating their fears, particularly as issues of trust, intimacy, and sexuality surface. Identification of cognitive distortions that are common in trauma survivors can be changed from I am damaged goods (Sgroi, 1982) to statements of empowerment such as, I am strong for having survived this pain or I will not allow what others have done to me to stop me from having a happy life. The aforementioned issues may take considerable education and time for resolution, and the therapist s patience during this process is important. CA SE ST U DY In contrast to the other couples we have described, both of whom have been comprised of relatively high-functioning individuals, Glenda and James reflect a different picture. Glenda (45) is unemployed and on a government social assistance program. She has been married four times and presents for couple s therapy with her fifth husband, James (58), who was a construction worker until his accident two years ago. He now receives a small disability payment. Glenda is chronically unemployed, she does not concentrate well, has poor follow
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It will come as a surprise to no one to learn that the field of ethics is chaotic. The term is undefined; the inquiry unbounded. . . . eleven years ago one of my tasks was to prepare an annotated bibliography on Ethics In Public Administration. An ever-expanding definition of both ethics and public administration had to be justified to make any pretense of having done the job. . . . Today the problem is just the opposite. I find myself looking for reasons to cut the topic back to manageable proportions. . . . Clearly there is considerable overlap between ethics and administrative theory; but there is also an overlap between ethics and just about everything else in the field personnel, budgeting, administrative law, and so on.2
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