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Since Netscape Navigator 2.0, Web designers have been able to use background images and color. Thanks to CSS Background attributes, designers can now use background images and color with increased control. Whereas traditional HTML background images are restricted to a single image for the entire browser window, CSS backgrounds can be specified for a single paragraph or any other CSS selector. (To set a background for the entire page, apply the style to the <body> tag.) Moreover, instead of an image automatically tiling to fill the browser window, CSS backgrounds can be made to tile horizontally, vertically, or not at all (see Figure 6-17). You can even position the image relative to the selected element.
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Functions 01 Macros
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Let 1 E R' be an open set. The H'-functions cannot be discontinuous along lines or 2 curves in 12, which can be shown using the fact that HI-functions are continuous in ID. However, discontinuities can occur in the form of singularities at isolated points in the domain. For example, consider the function
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Reactive power. 47 1 Real power. 471 Renewable energy. 455 Resistance. 24-2K Resistive circuits. 23-76 appl icat ion exampl es. 67- 70 with dependl.!nt sources. 60-63 design examples . 7 1- 76 Ki rchoff' s laws. 28- 36 Ohm's law. 24-28 rcsistor specifications. 51- 52 resistor tcchnolog ies for clcctronic manufacturing. 64-67 series and parallel resistor combinations.
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Integrating technology into an organization takes time. Even
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If you want more information on what works and what doesn t when you place two instances of the same 3D object in the same file, turn to 7.
FIGURE QS.6 Always save your project the second you stop recording.
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Drawing in Three Dimensions
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It s worth noting that the Clone Stamp tool clones the image as it existed before you began using the tool and continues cloning for as long as you hold down the mouse button. Even when you drag over an area that contains a clone, the tool references the original appearance of the image. This means there may be a visual disconnect between what the Clone Stamp tool seems to be sourcing and what it paints. This is actually a good thing, however, because it avoids repetition of detail, a dead giveaway of poor retouching. This is illustrated in Figure 7.3, where the source cross hair is currently over a clone of the bird, yet the Stamp brush cursor is actually laying down more of the grass from the original image that the cloned bird is now concealing.
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158 Step 7: Know Your Team
The disadvantages of publishing in PowerPoint are that:
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