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FIGURE 15.24 Painting onto the filter mask to mask off the Gaussian Blur around the eyes
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Using a group is very simple. If a group is selectable, just pick any object in the group to select all the objects in the group. You can then edit the objects in the group as a whole. If you need to temporarily edit one object in a group, then turn off the group s selectability, as described in the previous sections. You can change the selectable status of all groups in your drawing by choosing Application Button Options, and clicking the Selection tab. Deselect Object Grouping in the Selection Modes section to disable object grouping entirely.
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Restless Dreamers
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or actions changing to create the output you need, then change the metric. It might take months or even a whole year to determine whether you have a metric that affects behavior and actions the way you want. But, if it doesn t work, change the metric. Don t be tied to it.
This image, like the other images featured in this book, is available for download from the Web site associated with this book.
Types of Hedge Fund Investors
Figure A5-13 A and C are triggered but there is no output V(11); XOR because of capacitance reduction in segment 6.
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These lines were uttered by Iago, a villainous and vengeful character in the play, to Othello. Iago was referring to the damage from libel and slander and his reluctance to discuss a fabricated affair between Othello s wife, Desdemona, and one of Othello s officers. While Iago s words speak volumes about one s good name and reputation, he was also talking about the damage caused by identity theft. Stealing one s very life through personal and financial information can have a lasting impact.
Introducing the Photoshop 3D Workspace
The big power draw in video production is the lighting. Most lighting kits have three lights, with bulbs that are in the 500 to 1,000 watt range. For every thousand watts, you re pulling about an amp of current out of the wall. A three-point lighting kit can easily be pulling over three amps. So you need to make sure that you ve got at least a 10-amp circuit going to your studio, because the audio, video, and computer gear also are going to need power. The last thing you need during your podcast recording is for the power to go out.
u Using the Gradient Editor dialog box, create a white-to-black (Opaque to Transparent) blend.
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N +3.30 vDC: Also called standard voltage. This voltage is common on the
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