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7.4.3 Another PCA Example with Poe's Short Stories
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Figure 10-27
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The 3-D rotation effect makes a two-dimensional object look three-dimensional by applying perspective to it. The 3-D rotation effect uses angle measurements for three dimensions: X, Y, and Z: X rotation: Rotation from side to side Y rotation: Rotation from top to bottom Z rotation: Pivoting around a center point X and Y rotation actually change the shape of the object on the slide to simulate perspective; Z rotation simply spins the object, just as you would with a rotation handle. You can combine 3-D rotation with 3-D formatting to create interesting effects, such as adding sides to a at object and coloring these sides in a certain way. For example, you could combine these effects to turn a square into a cube. The 3-D formatting effect is formatting (colors, lengths, and textures) that affects an object s 3-D appearance. The 3-D formatting effect consists of the following aspects: Bevel: As discussed in the preceding section, this effect alters the edges of the object. You can set top and bottom bevels separately.
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Detennine the equivalent capacitance and the initial voltage for the circuit shown in Fig. 6. 14.
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The depth of the module is usually in millions, ranging from 1 to 32. Some older and smaller SIMMs use 256 and 512, but this is the exception and represents kilobits, not megabits. The width of the module is always in bits and is usually 8 or 9 (parity) for 30-pin SIMMs (or 32 for 256 or 512 kilobit SIMMs), 32 or 36 for 72-pin SIMMs, and 64 or 72 for 168-pin DIMMs. The depth times the width yields the number of bits on the memory module. For example, a DIMM with a 16 x 64 notation has just over 1 billion bits (1,024,000,000). To compute the number of bytes of memory this represents, divide this number by 8 (8 bits to a byte). Thus, a 16 x 64-60 DIMM has 128,000,000 (128MB) of storage capacity. Table 6-3 lists the capacities for the more popular SIMM and DIMM modules.
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Adjusting with Histograms
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You know where you want to go. You ve got your vision and Strategic Destination Statement completed, and now you face translating your strategy into action. The first step in translating strategy into action is to create a Strategy Map. Without a Strategy Map, your Balanced Scorecard will be an executive scorecard. It will report on measures important to the executive, but it will not give you an accurate view of how the entire organization is driving and succeeding at its Strategic Objectives. There are four reasons you need to create a Strategy Map, even if you never build a Balanced Scorecard. First, early versions of Balanced Scorecards had a low success rate because the metrics they monitored were often chosen from the metrics currently in use, which may not have been the metrics that drove strategy. Second, in most organizations few managers and employees have a clear and concise concept of their organization s strategy. In fact, research shows that less than 10 percent of employees have a clear understanding of their organization s strategy, and 50 percent of executives spend virtually no time on strategic discussion.1 Third, without a clear, concise model of what drives your strategy, you have no feedback about which drivers are working and which are not. And finally, when the objectives on the Strategy Map are broken down into initiatives and projects, it makes it easy to identify strategic funding during the budget process.
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Natural sense of scale Certain exibility/dynamicism Universal anywhere accessibility Ability to mix and match one service with another by anyone Fostered collaboration
It is also legal to include more than one of each kind of for clause, separated by commas. The termination-check will be considered to be true if any of its subclauses are true; it is like an or test. For example, the following statement:
0. Our final result is the potential matrix
Figure 2.26 Sparsity structure of the stiffness matrix for the Laplace operator discretized by means of the Lobatto hierarchic shape functions.
The border of a text box is different when the box itself is selected (left) and when the insertion point is in the box (right).
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