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Equation A.4
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The little link icon between the layer thumbnail and the mask thumbnail (shown in Figure 9.10) tells you that the layer and its mask are linked. This means that if you move the layer s contents around with the Move tool, the contents of the mask move along with it, and vice versa. This way, the mask is always masking the same areas of the layer contents. To unlink the mask from the layer, click the link icon so that it disappears, or choose Layer Layer Mask Unlink, or Layer Vector Mask Unlink. Now the layer and mask can be moved independently. Click the layer thumbnail; then use the Move tool to move the layer around. The mask stays in the same place, and the layer contents move around under the mask. This is great for positioning an image within a frame defined by the mask, as you can see in Figure 9.15. Similarly, if you click the mask thumbnail, you can drag the mask contents around without moving the layer. Use the Move tool if it s a layer mask or the Path Selection tool if it s a vector mask.
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Strategic Performance with Balanced Scorecards
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Consider the network shown in Fig. 14.6a. We wish to determine the output voltage volt) . As we begin to attack the problem, we note two things. First, because the source 1211(1) is connected between v,e t ) and V, (I), we have a supernode. Second, ifv,(t) is known, volt)
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Polarization filters are used to filter out reflected light. For example, filming through a window can be very difficult because of the reflections. Using a polarization filter removes this reflected light and allows you to film what s on the other side of the glass. Similarly, if you re trying to film under water, for example fish in a pond, you need a polarization filter. Polarization is often used in sunglasses for this reason.
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On the motherboard, each arrangement of memory that provides an equal number of bits to match that of the data bus is a memory bank. A PC won t work if the memory installed in a memory bank doesn t match up to the data bus width. In fact, if a memory bank is not completely filled, the PC ignores it. It is especially important for the first memory bank (usually bank 0) to be completely filled because if it isn t, the PC won t detect any memory and fails in the Power-On SelfTest (POST) process.
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Fig. 8.15 Primitive path for a polyethylene chain with N = 1000 carbon atoms at 25 different times (in equal time steps of 20 ns). The solid line represents the averaged primitive path, used as a reference for defining the position label 0 at any time, and the circle around its center indicates the size of the tube cross section. [Figure courtesy of M. Kroger, ETH Zurich.]
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entering the values in proper order (style, color, width) is valid. Hover over a property value to see a code hint. After you ve inserted your new value, press Enter (Return) or click anywhere to confirm the change; Dreamweaver immediately renders the results.
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Part IV: Incorporating Dynamic Data
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Optimize Image command, if the inserted image is a GIF or a JPEG and not a PNG, Fireworks asks if you d like to work with a separate source file, if that option in Fireworks Preferences is set. If you choose to do so, Fireworks automatically loads the source file.
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Source: After Savage et al. (1991:5).
with each other, we recall that, by virtue of the orthogonality condition of linear leastmean-squares estimation (cf. Thm. 4.1),
FIGURE 23-40
where now e,(i) = u,(wp - ~ ~ - 1 The limiting variance of the a priori error e , ( i ) is ) . called the excess mean-square error (EMSE) of the filter,
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