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See 24 for information on how to attach a material to the face of a solid by using the SOLIDEDIT command.
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Lens Cleaning
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Databases often contain duplicate records. When mailing or e-mailing, especially, you want to avoid sending the same person duplicate messages. When sending invoices to large companies, this can cause problems, especially if they are received and processed by different people, resulting in double payment and further paperwork downstream. To nd duplicates, click the Find Duplicates link in the lower section of the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box. Word now displays the Find Duplicates dialog box, shown in Figure 10-8.
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Document actions execute JavaScripts for any one of five different Acrobat functions. On a document close, during a save, after a save, during a print, or after a print, a JavaScript action can be executed. To view any document actions assigned to the PDF document, choose Advanced Document Processing Set Document Actions.
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A hedge fund may develop a staff to market directly to existing and potential investors. Hedge funds with established track records may be able to get marketing leads based on word-of-mouth contact with potential investors or from press accounts. These funds save all the fees that would otherwise be paid to third-party marketers or brokers. By keeping control of the marketing, a hedge fund can better determine how the fund is marketed and assure that marketers fairly describe the characteristics of this investment. In most cases, a hedge fund must register as a broker-dealer if it markets its securities to investors. Securities laws provide an exemption for funds that have employees incidentally involved in marketing as part of a customer relations job or other staff function. To avoid the requirement to register as a broker-dealer, these employees may not be compensated on the basis of their success in marketing. However, even customer relations may create a need for the fund to register if the manager runs several funds. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not been watching for cases of hedge funds that fail to register as broker-dealers. It is possible that the SEC or other enforcement agency will begin to challenge hedge funds to register. It is also likely that disgruntled investors may sue a hedge fund manager to recover losses. The investor may claim that the hedge fund should have been registered as a dealer and violated securities laws in marketing its own shares to the investor. The success of the lawsuit will depend on the facts but funds can reduce this litigation risk by registering as a broker-dealer and requiring marketing and customer relations staff to pass the Series 7 and possibly the Series 3 exams.
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To resize symmetrically, causing the picture to increase or decrease by the same amount in opposite directions, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging. To drag in discrete steps, hold down the Alt key while dragging; if gridlines are displayed, the Alt key s behavior is reversed, as indicated earlier.
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Nortel VPN Router Troubleshooting
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over a Gaussian channel.
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Working with Data
Working by the rules
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Number of Customers 0 1 to 40 41 to 60 61 to 80 than 81 Number of Line Cooks 2 2 3 4 5
Growth in the Fund of Funds Business
Measuring Variance
Figure 34-17
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