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To remove a DIMM, release the locking tabs on the socket and pull the module straight up and out of the socket. Remember: SIMMs install at an angle, so a SIMM module is removed at an angle after the locking tabs are released. After the SIMM is at an angle in the socket, lift it up and out of the socket.
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Make your image smaller by selecting a megapixel setting with a minus sign or larger by selecting one with a plus sign.
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Part I: Common Office Features
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The Fall of the Blue Chips
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indows XP ships with Windows Movie Maker 2.0, Microsoft s second attempt to create a general-purpose video creator and editor. Version 1.0, which originally shipped with Windows XP, suffered from numerous problems ranging from frequent crashes to lack of features, especially when comparing it with the Mac OS s classy little iMovie as Apple Macintosh owners frequently did. The good news for Windows fans is that Movie Maker 2.0 runs rings around version 1.0 in both features and stability. If you don t have version 2.0, you can download it from the Microsoft Web site or though Windows Update. Version 2.1, a minor upgrade from 2.0, is also available via Windows Update. This chapter deals exclusively with version 2.1.
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When a formula refers to cells in a different workbook, the other workbook doesn t have to be open. If the other workbook is open, you can simply enter the le name. If the workbook is closed, however, you must add the complete path to the reference so that Excel can nd it. Here s an example:
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Command: TEXT 0.00 Current text style: "title U Text height Specify start point or [Justify/Style]: (pick 1) Specify height <.5000>:.1 Specify rotation angle <O>:..J ~cale Enter text:Scale ..J 2 ;Rrawn By Command:TEXT (use ..J) Current text ... 0.00 Specify start point or [Justify/Style] : (pick 2)~ Specify height <.1>:..J Specify rotation angle <O>:~ Enter text:Drawn By Command: ..J ..... (pick 3)~ Enter text:Checked By..J
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Pronunciation Car Could-er cad-er ca-did-der
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To view a video clip, do one of the following: Double-click the video clip in the Project window. When the Clip window appears, click the Play button to view the clip. Double-click the video clip in the Timeline window. In the Clip window, click the Play button to view the clip. You can edit a clip in several ways. Here we ll use the In and Out points in the Clip window. To learn about the different ways to edit a video clip, see s 5, 6, and 10. The Highway clip was taken from a moving car. The clip is bumpy and ends with a jerky camera movement at about 10 seconds into the clip. Here s how to edit the clip: 1. Double-click on the clip in the Timeline window. 2. This opens the clip in the Clip window, shown in Figure 1-8.
LL Project
The Caterpillar dealer relationship Caterpillar s global marketing organization is structured to support its worldwide dealer network. Employees in four marketing organizations representing the Americas, Asia-Paci c and Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are responsible for building and maintaining dealer relationships and supporting dealer sales efforts. These marketing organizations serve as the liaison between Caterpillar product managers and Cat dealers. Each marketing organization is structured into regional and district of ces that provide on-the-ground support for dealers. Most communications ow between Caterpillar and dealers through these district of ces, with Caterpillar keeping the district of ces aware of all marketing strategies and growth initiatives, and the district of ces in turn updating dealers. Caterpillar also provides services to help dealers support customers, maintaining a ready supply of high-value, competitively priced parts and providing service tools, training, repair processes, and technical information. Caterpillar also works closely with dealers to serve global and regional customers who demand the corporation s direct presence in the relationship.
sign holds if either Ic = 1 (l-limited) or Ic = 00 (exhaustive). For asymmetric ki-limited systems, Fuhrmann and Wang have also provided an approximation based on the pseudoconservation law [ 1001.
Splitting a video layer consists of cutting the layer into two sections. In Photoshop, splitting a layer creates two layers: the layer with the video content before the split and the layer with the video content after the split. To split a video layer, move the current-time indicator to the location where you want to split the video and choose Split Video Layer from the Animation palette menu. When a video layer is split, it is divided into two layers, with the beginning of the split video segment on one layer and the end on another (see Figure 13.10). If you watch a video right after you split it, you won t see any difference in the video playback. You can see from looking at the layer duration bars that the full content of the video file is on both layers. This means that you can drag either layer to duplicate the content of the other one. In fact, this is a viable reason to split the layer in the first place. By dragging out the end of one of these layers and repositioning it, you can create a stutter effect in the video (great for kissing shots).
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Notice in Figure 3-1 that, in addition to Sample Templates, there are Themes . Themes are not templates, but they are similar. 1 explains the difference. You can start a new presentation based on a theme as an alternative to using a template. Such a presentation starts with de ned color, font, and effect settings, but no sample slides.
In the above statement, the matrices A and B were either square or had more columns than rows (since n 5 m). We can establish a similar result when n 2 m and A and B have full ranks. For this purpose, we first note that if A is n x m and has full rank, with n 1 m,
where Z, is R, and Z, is the series combination of R, and l !jwC. Substituting these values into Eq. 12.93 yields
Building Maps, Scorecards and Dashboards
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