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In this case, our activities do not strictly need to be coordinated - since the report is freely available on a Web page, you could download and print your own copy. But by proactively printing a copy, I save you time and hence, intuitively, increase your utility. von Martial (1990) suggested a typology for coordination relationships (see Figure 9.4). He suggested that, broadly, relationships between activities could be either positive or negative. Positive relationslvps 'are all those relationships between two plans from which some benefit can be derived, for one or both of the agents plans, by combining them' (von Martial, 1990, p. 111). Such relationships may be requested (I explicitly ask you for help with my activities) or non-requested (it so happens that by worlung together we can achieve a solution that is better for at least one of us, without malung the other any worse off, cf. discussions of pareto optimality in
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Example In one corporate Accounting Department, a monthly budget report included a budget explanation. For many years, executives had been satis ed with an explanation of what caused the variance. For example: The 22 percent overrun in Of ce Supply Expenses was caused by excessive employee access to supply storage areas. The excess is expected to be absorbed gradually over the balance of the scal year. This explanation says, in essence, Employees take supplies, we know about it, and we think we built this factor into the budget. It does not offer solutions. A more effective response might read: The 22 percent overrun in Of ce Supply Expenses was the result of excessive employee access to supply storage areas. We have implemented a new procedure requiring requisition of supplies from a single employee, who maintains supply inventories in a locked storage area.
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Human Memory Modeled with Standard Analog and Digital Circuits: Inspiration for Man-made Computers, By John Robert Burger Copyright r 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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1. From the Status Bar category of the Preferences dialog box, locate the last entry in the current list. If the last entry is not immediately available, use the vertical scroll bar to move to the end. 2. Click once in the Width column on the line below the last entry. 3. Enter the desired width of the new window size in pixels. 4. Press Tab to move to the Height column. 5. Enter the desired height for the new window size. 6. Press Tab again. 7. Optionally, you can enter short, descriptive text in the Description column, and then press Tab when you re finished. 8. To continue adding new sizes, repeat Steps 2 through 6. Click OK when you finish.
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Photoshop to Bridge to Fireworks to Dreamweaver
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RAW data are just that information that has been captured by your digital camera s image sensor and turned into digital data by its ADC chip. For the file to be read by a computer or printer as a photograph, the data must be massaged and manipulated, either by your camera or by you, and then converted into an RGB photo. If you shoot your pictures using your camera s RAW file format, you are taking responsibility for handling and converting the data on your own, with no help from your camera. As a rule, the tools you ll have for working on your RAW files may be quite sophisticated and precise. (See Figure 4-8.)
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where Q = (Q1 Q2 , . . . , QL 1 ) is an m m(L 1) matrix, O is an m(L 1) m null matrix, Im and Im(L 1) are the m m and m(L 1) m(L 1) identity matrices, respectively. It should be noted that in the special case when synaptic weights are FIR lters, W(z) = P(z), and both internal space matrices A and B are constant matrices and they can be determined explicitly.
The default copy options are suitable in most situations. However, you may sometimes want to modify them. To do this, open the Package Presentation for CD dialog box, and follow these steps:
An acronym for Audio Interchange File Format, AIFF does for the Macintosh what WAV does for the PC. Uncompressed and of the highest quality, AIFF files are synonymous with Mac music and sound.
Before going into implementation details of discrete-event simulations, we first define some terminology in Section 18.3.1. We then present time-based simulations in Section 18.3.2 and event-based simulations in Section 18.3.3. We finally discuss implementation strategies for event-based discrete-event simulations in Section 18.3.4.
Renaming a Policy
What Is a LAN
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5: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 1: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer]: 10 2: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 3: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 4: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 5: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 1: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer]: 3 2: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 3: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 4: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 5: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 1: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer]: 8 2: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 3: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 4: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 5: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 1: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer]: 7 2: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 3: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 4: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 5: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 6: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 7: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer] <next 1: Enter a vertex number or [Color/Layer]:
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