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Creating a Smart Object from Illustrator artwork
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(b) PDF f7(y) of the instantaneous SNR y Over Rayleigh channel
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The most interesting change and the most obvious demonstration of Microsoft s fulfilling the DOJ demands is the Remove Access line beneath the menu for each category. Here SPAD shows you which Microsoft programs you can no longer access in the menus of your system. Choosing the Non-Microsoft option not only tells Windows to use an alternative program as your default software for that category (see Figure 8-2), it also tells Windows not to let you use the Microsoft counterpart any longer. You can t even select the Microsoft counterpart in the drop-down menus.
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where v(t ) indicates the time dependence of the voltage. Equation (6. 3) ca n be expressed as two integ rals. so that
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P is a space ofpolynomials on K ($the dimension d i m ( P ) = N p .
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Channel SNR(dB)
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Transparency creates problems when printing to various PostScript devices because the PostScript RIPs for Level 1, Level 2, and PostScript 3 don t support transparency. For resolving printing problems with transparency, you need to flatten the transparency, which results in files that print successfully on almost any kind of PostScript device. When transparency is flattened in a file the transparent vector objects are converted to non-transparent objects or raster images. Through this conversion, the colors meld together to form a simulated view of transparency. The amount of blending transparent colors needed depends on the amount of transparency you apply to the objects. As you move the Raster/Vector Balance slider to the left to flatten transparency, all vector objects are rasterized. When you move the slider to the right, the transparency flattener maintains as many vector objects as needed in order to successfully print the file. You can flatten transparency in degrees, and objects in a document are affected according to the degree of transparency flattening you apply. Determining how the other objects are affected is the purpose of the transparency flattener in Acrobat. When you use the Transparency Flattening tool in the Print Production toolbar, the transparency changes that you make to the PDF are preserved when you save the file. To open the Flattener Preview dialog box, click the Flattener Preview tool in the Print Production toolbar; the options appear as shown in Figure 32.8. FIGURE 32.8
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of mind in any kind of development, even if the business component is not directly represented in tools, development process, and execution environment, but rather is simply considered a logical concept . The main objectives of the business component approach are the following : Limiting complexity and development costs by enabling autonomous development of large-grained software units-that is, distributed components, business components, and system-level components Enabling and supporting high levels of reuse at all phases of the development cycle (not only at build-time) and through all the architectural viewpoints and distribution tiers
Optimizing routing based on service quality characteristics
The reade r should note that the chamcteri stic equation is the denominator of th e tran sfer functi on H(s ), and th e roots of thi s equati on, whi ch are the poles of the network , de te rmine the form of the network's natural response. A co nvenient method for di splaying the network 's poles and zeros in graphical form is the use of a pole-zero plot. A pole-zero plot of a functi on can be accomp lished using what is co mmonl y called the comp/e.x or s-p/alle. In the comp lex plane the abscissa is u and th e ordinate is jw. Ze ros are represe nted by O's, and poles are represented by X's. Although we are co nce rned onl y with the tinite poles and zeros specitied by the network or response fun ction, we should point out that a rat ional function must have the same number of poles and zeros. Therefore, if 11 > Ill , there are II - 111 zeros at the poi nt at infinity, and if II < 111 , th ere are 111 - II poles at th e poillt at infinity. A systems e ngineer ca n te ll a lot abou t the operation of a network or syste m by si mply exa mi ning its pole ze ro plot. In order to corre late the natural response of a netwo rk to an init ial co nditi on wi th the network 's pole locat ions, we have illustrated in Fig. 14.8 the correspondence for all three
= 1, for x 2 d, then f(x)
- %Qw
@ d a t a = (El, 2 , 31, [ ' a ' ,
5. Test the form. Save the form to update it and click the Preview PDF tab in the Designer window. Fill-in the form fields to be certain the appearances and calculations work. (See Figure 33.36.)
TRIM is found under the Modify menu in both the Toolbar and the pull-down menu.
4. Click OK in the JavaScript Editor and click Close in the Button Field Properties dialog box. 5. Test the script. Click the button with the Hand tool. You should see the field added to the last page in the document.
Figure 14-6: Image distorted using the Distortion window in the Motion Settings dialog box
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