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For more information on PDF Packages, see 12. For more on tiling views see Tile later in this chapter.
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Two more dialog boxes affect the look of your report. The rst (shown in Figure 37-9) enables you to determine the basic layout of the data. The Layout area provides six layout choices that tell Access whether to repeat the column headers, indent each grouping, and add lines or boxes between the detail lines. As you select each option, the picture on the left changes to show how the choice affects the report s appearance. You choose between Portrait (tall) and Landscape (wide) layout for the report in the Orientation area. Finally, the Adjust the Field Width so All Fields Fit on a Page check box enables you to cram a lot of data into a little area. (A magnifying glass may be necessary!) Figure 37-9 shows Stepped and Portrait selected. After making your choices, click the Next button to move to the next dialog box.
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You can type values in any of the acceptable units of measurement, and Photoshop automatically converts the value to the unit you select in the Preferences dialog box. For example, if you ve set the units to pixels but want to type a point value when selecting a size, leave the units setting alone (don t reset the preference, in other words) and type the size plus pt, and Photoshop changes the size and displays the pixel equivalent of the point size you typed in the Size field. See 2 for more information about measurement units in Photoshop and how to choose the measurement units that are right for you and your individual projects.
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16: Painting and Brushes
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Table 8.4: Computational complexity of a linearRBF network equalizer having inputs andns hidden m
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Color Mode
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Ix = x and XI = x
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It follows from Figure 6.16 that (a) surprisingly, the equidistant nodal points perform better than the Chebyshev points for 7 5 p 5 11, and (b) for every p 2 7 the hierarchic shape functions give the best result. 6.3.4
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2 Evaluate the histogram.
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Consider the normed space V = l 2 of infinite real sequences with the discrete L2-norm
is exact in the M 1 )1 and the MIMI 1 case. Combining G
Figure 27-2: The Add/Remove Snap-in dialog box with two Group Policy objects (GPOs) added.
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Although Dreamweaver has made crafting master-detail Web applications by hand extremely accessible, it can be a tedious series of steps, especially if you have to produce a number of applications for a site. To ease the monotony and enhance your production efforts Dreamweaver includes the Master-Detail Page Set application object that, after a single dialog box is completed, creates all the elements for a linked master-detail Web application. The master page elements are inserted in the current document, which must contain a recordset. The inserted elements and code, shown in Figure 22-5, are as follows:
Version: Identifies the OSPF version. Type: Identifies the type of the request or reply that is contained in the message. Length: Identifies the size of the header and the message. Router ID: Identifies the packets source. Area ID: Identifies the area that the packet belongs to. Checksum: Identifies the IP checksum of the packet, excluding the authentication portion of the packet. Authentication Type: Identifies the procedure in which the packet is to be authenticated. Authentication: For use by the type of authentication that was chosen when forming the packet.
Figure 1-3
i(l) R = 1000
FIGURE 16.20 All of your text is now in place. You re getting there.
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