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A monochrome (single color) monitor has phosphor of only one color. Text characters are formed very much the same as characters on a dot-matrix printer, as illustrated in Figure 15-4. Although this illustration is exaggerated a bit, the concept is accurate. Earlier CRT monitors and video display standards define text character capabilities in terms of the size of the grid used to define a text character, very much like how a
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FIGURE 28.9 An implementation of the constrained DFT block adaptive filter of Alg. 28.3. The input sequence { u ( i ) }is processed by a bank o f 2B decimators, and is also convolved , in fullband with wn-1 in order t o generate d ( i ) . The error sequence { e ( i ) } is processed by a band of B decimators and used t o generate the transformed errors {e;(n)} for subband t o wn-i is done according t o (28.19). adaptation. The mapping from the {h,,+1}
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FIGURE 33.66
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Prepare Your Grant Proposal Summary
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Dashes are written in several ways. My version of "The Tell-Tale Heart" uses a single hyphen with one space on each side, that is, " As long as the dash is written with spaces on each side of the dash, that is, If - or -- 'I, then splitting on whitespace never produces a word attached to a dash. If there are no spaces between the adjacent words and the dash, then the form of the latter must be 11--11, otherwise a dash is indistinguishable from a hyphen. There are two ways to deal with this situation. First, if dashes are not of interest to the researcher, then these can be replaced with a single space. Second, if dashes are kept, then can be replaced with
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Cropping is for those times when you want only a part of the image. For example, you might have a great photo of a person or animal, but there is extraneous detail around it, as shown in Figure 13-11. You can crop away all but the important object in the image with a cropping tool.
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Working with Dimensions
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custom Property inspector DTD, which must be the first line in the file
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Correcting the Color and Tone of Video Layers
(e) F (s)
La, Nick, 709 labels connection, 732 creating advanced recordsets, 747 forms, 578 579 modifying in Spry Tabbed Panel widget, 693 modifying menu, in Spry Menu Bar widget, 691 OLE DB connection strings, 740 testing MySQL connections in PHP, 740 language, template expressions, 990 991 Launch and Edit preferences, Fireworks and, 884 885 layout absolute positioning and, 15 creating new documents and, 166 CSS styles for page layout, 255 enhancing with Spry widgets. See Spry widgets exercise applying CSS layout, 430 431 layout, workspace default for Mac, 43 defaults, 41 42 saving customized layouts, 42 Layout category, of Insert panel, 70 71, 616 Layout category, of New Document dialog, 260 layout control, CSS, 25 Layout option, of Application bar, 56 .lck (lock) file, for checked out documents, 1064 Learn More Link, connecting to CSS Advisor mini-site, 284 legacy Web widgets defined, 710 installing and using, 711 713 legends, form, 578 579 <li> tags, 586, 778 779. See also lists libraries importing Fireworks code into Dreamweaver, 898 899 object libraries, 33 34 as Shared Assets for Contribute users, 1095 Library Assets panel adding Library Items, 1026 1027 creating Library Items, 1031 1032 creating Library Items with drag-and-drop, 1027 deleting Library Items, 1030 1031 inserting Library Items, 1028 1030
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I created a jagged selection along the edge of the box as well as a selection around the face to take away the sharp edge that should have been sunk slightly into the carpet.
Smooth: This mode works best if the frozen areas are distorted differently than the unfrozen areas, after you have used another Reconstruct mode, for instance. Smooth copies the distortion effects of the frozen areas and propagates them through the unfrozen areas. Loose: This effect is similar to the Smooth mode, but it creates more continuity.
12 (ounces per serving) $4.46 portion cost or
to the image, a Type layer shows up automatically in the Layers palette.
2. Decide on the scales that you will use for each text object. For example, you might have two text objects each at a different scale, or one text object that you need to display at two different scales. 3. If you want each text object to have a different scale, turn off the ANNOAUTOSCALE system variable. When this system variable is on, it automatically adds scales to annotative objects as you add annotative scales; the result is that each object has more than one scale. To turn ANNOAUTOSCALE off, click the icon on the right side of the status bar to the right of the Annotation Scale list. The tooltip reads Automatically Add Scales to Annotative Objects When the Annotation Scale Changes. When on, there s a yellow lightning bolt; when off, the lightning bolt is gray. 4. Set the annotation scale for the first text object. To do so, click the Annotation Scale button at the right side of the status bar to display the scale list and choose the scale you want. For example, choose 1:4 if you plan to display the text in a viewport at the 1:4 scale. (The first time you add an annotative object to a drawing, a dialog box may open automatically, asking you for the scale.)
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