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The getTranslatorInfo() function simply sets up and returns an array of text strings that are read by Dreamweaver during initialization. The structure of the array is relatively rigid. The number of array elements is specified when the
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City of Anywhere Fiduciary Funds Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Assets For the Year Ended June 30, 20XX Pension and other employee benefit trust funds Additions Contributions: Member contributions Employer contributions Total contributions Investment income: Interest income Dividend income Net depreciation in fair value of investments Less investment expenses Investment loss, net Payments from other funds Other Total additions Deductions Benefit payments and withdrawals Payments to other funds Administrative expenses Total deductions Decrease in plan net assets Net Assets Held in trust for benefit payments Beginning of year End of year $xx,xxx xx,xxx xx,xxx xx,xxx xx,xxx (xx,xxx) xx,xxx (xx,xxx) xx,xxx xx,xxx (xx,xxx) xx,xxx xx,xxx xx,xxx xx,xxx (xx,xxx)
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tables, 256 257 Microsoft Word Outline import, 95 97 slides, 94 97 Microsoft Works, 97 MIDI. See multi-instrument digital interface mini toolbar, 155 Minimize button, 14 Minimum, Format Axis, 410 Minor unit, Format Axis, 411 modal dialog box, 18 Modify, Trust Center dialog box, 656 More Colors, After Animation, 508 motion paths, 509 516 drawing, 512 editing, 511 512 Effect Options, 511 Motion Paths (gray), animation, 499 Mouse Click, sound playback, 445 446 Mouse Over sound playback, 445 446 video playback, 480 481 .mov. See QuickTime Move to Collection, clip art, 335 MP3, 455 456 MP4, 10, 464 MPEG, 464 MPET-2 TS Video (.m2ts), 464 MPF les, clip art, 341 MPP, Microsoft Project, 588 .m2ts. See MPET-2 TS Video multi-instrument digital interface (MIDI), 438 multimedia effects, presentations action plan, 47 multiple animations, objects, 504 multiple presentations, 81 CDs, 622 multiple slides, sound, 452 453 My Collections, clip art, 337 338 My Documents, 65 Windows Live, 639 My Templates, 59, 60
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How do a group of agents work together to solve problems Smith and Davis (1980) suggested that the CDPS process can canonically be viewed as a three-stage activity (see Figure 9.1) as follows.
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Gain new clients by offering to help solve their problems. Recessions offer huge opportunity for providing struggling potential clients with solutions that their current suppliers can t or won t provide, says Drybrough. Prospects will listen to your ideas in rough times. If you ve maintained an intelligent, aggressive newbusiness effort so that you and your selling proposition are familiar, the door will open when you call on prospects in tough times. Marketing consultant Debbie Allen also uses this problem-solving approach in her new business direct mail campaigns. She sends out postcards every other month giving her prospects a useful idea or tip on each card. It works! reports Allen. I have even had clients call me and ask if they could use my tips in their newsletter or post them on their web site. More free exposure I just love when that happens! Know your prospects and their needs before you call. Robert B. Kennedy, president of Text Excellence, Inc., says he taps into online databases such as Chamber of Commerce directories and business association membership lists to do research on the company and qualify prospects quickly and easily before cold calling. Be cognizant of the current promotional environment. After 9/11, more than 60 percent of Americans said they were concerned that the letters they receive may contain anthrax bacteria. Smart marketers eliminated traditional letter and envelope mailings, replacing them with postcards, tri-fold self-mailers, e-mail marketing, and other direct marketing not requiring an envelope. Be a hands-on marketer. Don t delegate everything to staff or outside vendors and wash your hands of marketing. When business gets tough, the executive with bottom-line responsibility has to take a hands-on approach to marketing, writes Michael Masterson in his daily e-zine Early to Rise (Message #527). That includes talking to customers, reviewing marketing reports, and working directly with the creative team. Do not let professional marketers take over. Despite their skills and knowledge, they are not as in touch with your customers as you are. By taking charge of marketing, you send an important signal to the troops: Selling is vital, making profitable sales is necessary for survival, says Masterson. Should you wait until things are better or market now The answer depends on several factors. Is yours a product or service that will get
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X = 40 and E[S] = Here we 0
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The CD track is now an animated object on your slide. By animated, I mean that it is an object that has some action associated with it.
anyone needing to load more paper.
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System Requirements
Part II
where e ( i ) = d ( i ) - uzwz-l and ~ ( i= d ( i ) - uZwi.Let Z = wo - wz. Then it also holds that ) i e ( i ) = e a ( i ) w ( i ) and ~ ( i )e p ( i ) v ( i ) . =
The Harder Way: Manual Uninstalls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 355 Summary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 357
s befitting the world s most popular hobby, there probably are more Web sites devoted to digital photography than any other subject or technology. Many are arcane and technical, opinionated and parochial. We cannot vouch for any information provided by any of these sites, but the ones we list here do tend to be useful and interesting.
Thus, consider measurements { d ( i ) }that are related to an unknown vector w o via
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