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Part V
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On the Create Web Page screen, specify where you want to create your Web page on your own computer system, and create a description of the page.
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3. Choose Home tab Annotation panel Dimension drop-down list Aligned. Follow the prompts: Specify first extension line origin or <select object>: Choose 1 in Figure 14.9. Specify second extension line origin: Choose 2 in Figure 14.9. Specify dimension line location or [Mtext/Text/Angle]: Right-click and choose Mtext. In the In-Place Text Editor, press the End key on the keyboard and type a space, then type Typ. Click outside of the In-Place Text Editor. Specify dimension line location or [Mtext/Text/Angle]: Pick a location for the dimension line. 4. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 14.10.
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Adobe is constantly updating the supported raw formats. If your files don t open on the first try in Camera Raw, make sure you ve installed the latest updates. n
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Filleting in 3D
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When you see the reports that you ll create in this section, you may wonder, Which comes rst the chicken or the egg Does the report layout come rst, or do you rst determine the data items and text that make up the report Actually, these items are considered at the same time. It isn t important how you lay out the data in a report. The more time you take now, however, the easier it will be to construct the report. Some people go so far as to place gridlines on the report so that they know exactly where they want each bit of data to be. The reports in Figures 33-5 and 33-6 were created with two different purposes. The report in Figure 33-5 displays information about the CollectibleMiniCars products, while the report in Figure 33-6 is an invoice with billing and customer information. The design and layout of each report are driven by the report s purpose and the data it contains.
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A single check box Preserve CMYK values for calibrated CMYK color spaces appears for this item. Unless you select Convert All Colors to CMYK in the Color Management Policies, the item is grayed out. Check the box when it s active and the CMYK color space is preserved when profile embedding has been applied.
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You can t edit any of the built-in formats or add additional formats in the .neT server model without manually editing the format configuration files in the Dreamweaver Configuration folder. n
Podcasting: Where It Came From and Where It's Going
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Means of estimating these characteristics need to be de ned. Some commonly used estimators are: Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF). The average time between failures. Mean Time to Provide Service (MTPS). The average time from nalizing agreement between the service operator and the customer to having the service in operational use. This can be considered to be a formalization of the service implementation time mentioned above. Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS). Average time from reporting a fault to service being restored. Failure is used in the above list generically to indicate a state of insuf cient service quality support in the network. To de ne the abnormal conditions more precisely, the TeleManagement Forum (TMForum) de nes different levels of deviations from the normal operation of the service support in the network [SMH01]. In what follows, the terms have been interpreted from a service quality support viewpoint. The following de nitions assume that the desired service quality support has already been de ned. Anomaly is a discrepancy between the desired and actual performance. Defect is a limited interruption in the capability of network element or network to perform required function. Impairment is a condition giving rise to anomalies and defects without causing a failure. Failure is the termination of the ability of a network element or network to provide the required function. Fault is the inability of a network or network element to provide service quality support, excluding maintenance reasons, external causes, or planned actions. Fault is often the result of a failure, but may also exist without a failure. It is important to note the role of service de nition in fault management according to these de nitions. Unless sub-optimal performance can be clearly de ned, fault correction procedure de ned within SLA cannot be applied according to the terms of the agreement.
and terminology in Section
Drawing in Three Dimensions
although the manager and the third-party marketer may work out a particular agreement to suit their needs. For example, the manager may put a limit on the number of years the marketer will participate in fees or participation rates may trail off over time. The manager may also create carveouts, whereby the marketing group will not get paid fees from a designated group of investors (preexisting investors and other investors speci cally exempted from the agreement). Advantages of Third-Party Marketers Third-party marketers can be very helpful to a hedge fund manager. Many hedge funds, especially young funds, do not have the marketing resources to promote the fund themselves. Third-party marketers can be particularly helpful in marketing the hedge fund to international investors. Third-party marketers can pressure a fund to adhere to a stated strategy and can help the manager design an investment plan that has maximum marketing appeal. The marketer should conduct thorough due diligence of the manager, which can help an unknown fund gain credibility. Disadvantages of Third-Party Marketers The fees charged by third-party markets may seem high to hedge fund managers, even though the fees are paid out of incremental revenues. The efforts of an independent marketer may be unnecessary for a fund that has an attractive performance history. Also, if the manager has already identi ed many potential investors or if the reputation of the manager is suf cient to attract potential investors, it may prefer to market the fund in-house (discussed later) and avoid sharing fees with a third-party marketer. Picking a Third-Party Marketer Just as an independent marketer should perform due diligence on the hedge funds it markets, the hedge fund manager should also research the marketer. There are wide differences in the experience and abilities of third-party marketers. The fund manager should inquire to make sure a third-party marketer has no con icts of interest that could affect the marketer s effectiveness. Finally, there can be considerable difference in fees and the hedge fund manager must decide how these fees correspond with marketing performance. Although many third-party marketers will merely introduce potential investors to a fund manager, other marketers will make signi cant efforts to motivate a potential investor to put funds in a recommended fund and to keep in touch with the investor and maintain a marketing relationship with the investor.
If you move the cell pointer to a cell that has a formatted value, the Formula bar displays the value in its unformatted state because the formatting affects only how the value appears in the cell not the actual value contained in the cell. n
Coded BER Coded BPS
If you haven t already done so, consider adding personalized microsites to your Web site for specific clients. You can create a microsite using material customized for a client, and then provide the client with a unique URL to access the site. An alternative is to ask clients for space on their internal sites, or intranets, for posting that material. Regularly update and add new information to these postings, such as recent data and reports on industry trends. Help your clients stay on top of recent industry developments by filtering and interpreting information and its relevance to their businesses.
Suppose an investor can invest in asset A, which has an expected return of 10 percent, or asset B, which has an expected return of 9 percent. However, both assets are equally risky, having a standard deviation of return equal to 15 percent. The correlation between the returns of the two assets is 50 percent. The covariance is calculated from the correlation in equation (1.5): A,B = A B A,B = 15% 15% 50% = 1.125% (1.5)
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