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Eight Table 8.1 # 1 a. 2. 2a . 3. r > 3. 4. Sequence of Operations for "Activate" OPERATION PERFORMED The CEE sends "activate" to wVendor, which ignores it other than to . . . . . .delegate it directly to wBase (that is, wVendor does not process this message at all) . wBase sends a "restore" message to "itself" (that is, to the bottom of the delegate chain-in this example, wVendor) . This allows any DC in the chain to handle its own data restore if it wishes and to ignore the framework . wBase sends "restore data" to the wPersistence component. The wPersistence component (a kind of local RDC in the UWD) retrieves the appropriate data from some form of persistent storage . Return of control (to wBase) occurs from inter-DC invocation 3 . The return carries with it data retrieved from the database by the wPersistence component. wBase then sends an "internalize" message to "itself ." The data retrieved by wBase from wPersistence is passed on this message as a string parameter containing tagged data . On receipt of this message, wVendor extracts the data it needs, and . . .
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For the examples in this book, the DAD is the same name as the schema the DAD accesses PORTAL30. However, although this practice is the default way of assigning names to a DAD, the DAD does not have to be the same as the schema name.
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If the number of suspect words is extraordinary, you may want to scan another few pages using different settings. For example, increase the image resolution or scan in a different color mode. Change the attributes in the Acrobat Scan dialog box or adjust settings in your Acquire plug-in to produce scans more suitable for capturing pages. Run Text Recognition and examine the suspects. When a scan results in fewer suspects, you can then go about scanning the remaining pages. In Figure 17.11, I scanned a page at 200 ppi and converted the page with Recognize Text Using OCR. After viewing the number of suspects, I decided to scan the page again with a higher resolution. The results of my OCR suspects with a higher resolution were significantly reduced, as you can see in Figure 17.12. FIGURE 17.11
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N PC Clinic from pcwiz, Inc. (www.datadepo.com): PC Clinic is a family of
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You don t have to declare a width for your table at all. If you delete the value in the Width text box of the Table dialog box, your table starts out as small as possible and only expands to accommodate inserted text or images. however, this can make it difficult to position your cursor inside a cell to enter content a situation expanded Tables mode (covered later in this chapter) is intended to alleviate. n
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When you click the Add button, a dialog box specific to the action type you are adding opens. The actions listed in this dialog box are the same as those in the Link Properties dialog box discussed in 22. Turn back to 22 for examples of how the following action types work. A few of the more important action types used with form fields include importing form data, resetting a form, submitting a form, and showing and hiding a field.
However, v_ = 0 and i_ = O. T herefore.
The original design shown here is one of several pages that serve as the basis for the exercises in Part IV.
The Drawing Recovery Manager displays backup drawings in one place so that you can open them after a crash.
Cursor Top Side
4. Choose Layer Video Layers Duplicate Frame to move to the next frame and duplicate the frame you just created. This allows you to build onto your animation. 5. Make further changes to your animation. 6. Continue duplicating frames and making changes to your animation until you have completed it (see Figure 11.3).
Static graphic. Similar to GIF, except without the color depth limitation. Uses lossless compression; takes advantage of the best features of both GIF and JPG. Static graphic. TIF is a high-quality file format suitable for slides with high-resolution photos. A lossless compression format. Static graphic. BMP is the native format for Windows graphics, including Windows background wallpaper. Static graphic. A vector-based format, so it can later be resized without distortion. Not Mac-compatible. Enhanced version of WMF; not compatible with 16-bit applications. Also vector-based and non-Mac-compatible. Text and text formatting only; excludes all non-text elements. Only text in slide placeholders will be converted to the outline. Text in the Notes area is not included. Saves all the slides as pictures and puts them into a new blank presentation. A presentation that conforms to the new OpenDocument standard for exchanging data between applications
Unix and Linux Operating Systems
Stakeholder Management in the Hong Kong Construction Industry
FIGURE 14-17
To make duplication even faster, you can place the Duplicate Selected Slides command on the Quick Access toolbar. To do that, right-click the command on the menu and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
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