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(7.131) for the tensor describing the momentum flux, and
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Part V
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1. From the Techniques site, expand the 09_Links folder and open the anchors_start file. 2. Scroll down the page and place your cursor in front of the Queens heading. 3. Choose Insert Named Anchor. 4. When the Named Anchor dialog box appears, enter queens in the Anchor Name field. 5. Near the top of the page, select the Queens entry in the list. 6. In the Property inspector s Link field, enter #queens and press Tab.
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11 . 111.2 is obtained by adding a nonnegative term to the seminorm I . 11,2,
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Jennings and Wooldridge (1998a)is a collection of papers on applications of agent systems. Parunak (1999) gives a more recent overview of industrial applications.
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5. Click the eyeball icon next to the Background layer to hide the layer. Now the cloned bird should look something like Figure 6.22.
When assembling a system case and its components, be aware of where the vents are and take care not to block them.
Part V: Including Multimedia Elements
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As comments are submitted from reviewers, you ll want to track reviews and decide to mark them for a status. If you want to reply to the recipients you can elect to send a reply to recipient comments; however, in many cases you ll want to make corrections and start a new review session. If you send a reply, each comment is treated as a separate thread in Acrobat. Rather than your having to select different tools to make responses scattered around a document page, Acrobat keeps each thread nestled together to make following a thread easier. Replies are contained in Note pop-up windows. If you want to reply to a comment, open a context menu on the note pop-up and select Reply or select Reply from the Options pull-down menu on a comment note. Additionally you can click the Reply tool in the Comments panel.
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