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- Double-click the right side of the Alaska Type layer in the Layers palette.
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3: Introducing the Oracle9iAS Portal Environment . . . . . . 53
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Many Versions of One Truth Technical Scalability vs. User Scalability Hidden Errors Spreadsheets Spawn Spreadsheets The Ineluctable Modality of User-Built Conundrums
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 Radically increases scalability, elasticity, and more  Dramatically reduces deployment and operational costs
20 30 40 Channel SNR(dB)
Ideal channel state : L-=+ I
0 With the sky selected, choose Filter Render Clouds.
A font theme is an XML-based speci cation that de nes a pair of fonts: one for headings and one for body text. Then that font is applied to the text boxes in the presentation based on their statuses of Heading or Body. For example, all of the slide titles are usually set to Heading, and all of the content placeholders and manual text boxes are usually set to Body. In a blank presentation (default blank template), when you click inside a slide title placeholder box, you see Calibri (Headings) in the Font group on the Home tab. Figure 5-8 shows that the current font is Calibri, but that it is being used only because the font theme speci es it. You could change the font theme to Verdana/Verdana, for example, and then the font designation for that box would appear as Verdana (Headings).
Part IV: Persuading and Informing with PowerPoint
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