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Sometimes you make a perfect exposure but the dynamic range of the scene being photographed is too wide for you to get an exposure that looks good in the shadows and highlights. Dynamic range refers to the distance between the brightest tones and the lightest tones. It s similar to the contrast of the image. You often run into this scenario when you photograph a scene with bright backlighting where the main subject is in a shadow. Usually, the best way to solve this problem is to use a ll ash on your camera when you shoot the original scene so that you ll in the shadows with some light to balance the highlights. Sometimes, though, a ash isn t an option, and you have to deal with what you have. When editing a le that suffers from this problem, making the image look its best with Levels or Curves can be hard. That s why Adobe introduced a new command a few years ago in Photoshop CS. The command is called Shadows/Highlights (Image Adjustments Shadows/Highlights) and it s used to balance discrepancies between extreme shadows and highlights. Figure 6.19 shows the Shadows/Highlights dialog box with the Show More Options option selected. independently via the two areas marked Shadows and Highlights. Each area is controlled by three sliders: Amount, Tonal Width, and Radius. Here is what these sliders do:
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(b) mode selection probability
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Project 1 13 (Adaptive channel equalization) In Computer Projects 11.1 and 11.3we dealt with 1. the design of minimum mean-square error equalizers. In this project we examine the design of adaptive equalizers. We consider the same channel of Computer Project 11.3, namely,
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Open the practice le, Spring_Flowers. tif, from the downloadable practice les on the Web site (www.wiley.com/ go/photoshopcs4ats). Select the Quick Selection tool from the Tools panel. (It s fourth from the top in the single column Tools panel.) It s stacked with the Magic Wand. Make sure that Auto-Enhance is selected on the Options bar. It adds some of the selection edge ne-tuning that results in a smoother edge. This setting also allows the selection to ow more easily toward the edges of the content being selected. Adjust the Brush size of the Quick Selection tool to 100 px, leave Hardness set to 100, and Spacing set to 1 percent. Try to select only the orange and yellow owers in the foreground. Begin painting in the lowerright section of the image. As you paint, notice how the tool seeks similar colors.
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It is in the interests of SLA parties to be able to de ne received service quality as accurately as possible. This is in principle true for inter-operator, operator/service provider, and operator/end user contracts. Naturally, long-term contracts involving large traf c aggregates tend to be more elaborate. The most important reasons for de ning service quality precisely in an agreement are: Common understanding of what constitutes an acceptable service quality support. When the transport operator understands the quality requirements of services end-to-end, future development of
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When the layers to be merged are visible in the center column, select the target layer in the Target layer to merge into column. The name you select here is the name listed in the Layers palette and contains all the data from the other layers. The properties associated with the target layer become the properties in the merged layer. After you merge layers, all previous layer names are removed from the Layers palette. When adding layers to the list in the center of the dialog box (add list), you can move the target layer to the add list or elect to not move the target layer to the list. For example, if you have Text as a target layer where you want to merge Text02 and Text03 together with Text, you can add Text to the center window or not add Text to the list. When you select Text as the target layer and click OK, Text01 and Text 02 are added to Text regardless of whether Text was added to the center column.
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process involves obtaining hands-on experience with the product. To this end, most vendors of shrink-wrapped software solutions will agree to a 30-day free trial. For more complicated systems that require some degree of customization or special hardware, many vendors will agree to absorb some of the cost of a pilot program in which a limited installation is provided for a three- or four-month trial. The KM-specific criteria for evaluating solutions are a function of the product. Assuming a software application aimed at enabling communities of practice, potential criteria include: Compatibility. The product should be compatible with the operating system used, third-party KM programs, and legacy systems.
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2. Place your cursor in the #nav <div> tag and from the Property inspector choose Unordered List. Enter the four navigation labels, each except the last followed by a line return: HOME, SOLO, GROUP, and CONTACT. Although the color, size, and line height have been predefined in the various CSS rules, the list is otherwise presented in the standard bulleted format (Figure 6-19). You can start the conversion by removing the bullets.
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get some media training. Training can give you both the confidence and the insider information you need to handle interviews by telephone, in front of a microphone, or in front of a camera. You ll learn what colors not to wear for the camera and where to look; how to judge the tempo of the interviewer; when to speak up, and when to wait patiently. Preparation for an interview can be summarized in the 12 steps above. After an interview, call or write your media contact to say thanks and offer to help put the piece together. Your help may not be needed, but the offer will be appreciated.
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Taken together, this paints a fundamentally different picture in every dimension. Consider the very audacity of anyone from the computing industry even semi-seriously claiming that any computing resource could be thought of as easy to obtain, cheap, easily accessible, and just works. Audacious, perhaps . . . yet most de nitely true. Yes, this is a new age in computing. One that is not only possible, but here today. Notes
Windows Vista and Windows 7 provide you with a quicker and much simpler way to start any application, including the Of ce applications. To do this on either operating system:
(A.23) However, for the MAP channel decoder,the y T L ( k ,) can be obtained as follows [ 31 l]: K
The Background layer is introduced briefly in 1. This layer has some unique properties that make it suitable for some situations, but not so useful in others. Fortunately, it s easy to convert the Background layer to a regular layer, and vice versa.
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Using the Path Selection tools, you can select, move, and scale one or more paths, as well as edit individual anchor and direction points on a path.
2 Installing and Configuring Oracle9iAS Portal
Blocking and Allowing Specific Addresses
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levels, their interaction
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