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principle three: there are three modes of governance, all created equal
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As noted earlier, when you convert an existing document into a template via the Save As Template command, the entire document is initially locked. If you attempt to create a document from a template at this stage, Dreamweaver alerts you that the template doesn t have any editable regions, and you cannot change anything on the page. Editable regions are a key element in templates.
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E14.2 Find vo( t ) in the network in Fig. E 14.2 using loop equations.
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Routing Information
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This is where kerning comes in. By adjusting the kerning, or horizontal spacing, between pairs of letters, you can make sure that the gap between each letter looks pleasing, no matter what combinations of letters you use.
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Use Access Translation/ Repurposing Transfer Creation/ Acquisition Archiving Modification Disposal
Medium : An electronic invoice
This is your best choice for extensive backups, bar none. Hard drives are less expensive than they ve ever been, with a 120GB drive typically selling for $100 $130 or so. Put two of these in your system, and you can back up your entire system nightly if you wish, using any of today s backup packages. Give yourself an extra drive for your daily work, and you can back up the main components of your system to the third drive. And so on. Internal drives are less expensive than external drives, but the latter are also dropping in price regularly. For example, at the time of this writing, online stores are selling Maxtor 80GB external drives for $99. At this price, a small business could maintain one internal drive worth of data and two external drives, each with the same backup data, for a truly secure system. That same small business, on a network, could back up the primary data from all PCs to one large hard drive, rendering the cost even lower.
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After you select a shape with the Path Selection tool, you can drag it around the document window to reposition it. Hold down Shift if you want to constrain the movement to 45-degree steps. You can also nudge the shape around 1 pixel at a time by using the arrow keys, provided you still have the Path Selection tool selected. (This means that if you re currently holding down Ctrl/ to temporarily access the Path Selection tool from a shape tool, then you need to keep that key held down while using the arrow keys.) Hold down Shift as well to nudge the shape in 10-pixel steps.
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Figure 1-13
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