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As evident in this example, you can use SSIs to include more than just HTML files you can also include graphics. With Dreamweaver s translator mechanism, server-side includes are visible in the Document window during the design process. In Dreamweaver, server-side include translation is now automatic as long as the Show Contents of Included File option, found in the Invisible Elements category of Preferences, remains enabled. One of the major benefits of SSIs is that information can be inserted from the server itself, such > as the current file size or time. One tag, <! #echo , is used to define a custom variable that is returned when the SSI is called, as well as numerous environmental variables. An environmental variable is information available to the server, such as the date a file was last modified or its URL. Table 29-1 details the possible server tags and their attributes.
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Its solution Gbis now such that it satisfies the orthogonality condition
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Some browser versions inspect the doctype element in order to determine how the page should be rendered. Engaging in a practice known as doctype switching, these browsers (Internet
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so that the orthogonality condition (4.4) in the nonzero-mean case becomes
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Figure 18-8
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Along with making various parts of the chart appear at different times, you can also make them appear using any of the animated techniques that you have already learned, such as ying in, dropping in, fading in, and so on. You can also associate sounds with the parts, and dim them or change them to various colors when the animation is nished. To animate a chart, you must rst set up the entire chart to be animated, just as you would any other object on a slide. Then, to set up the selected chart so that different parts of it are animated separately, choose Animations Animation Effect Options, and then choose any of the following options from the Sequence section of the menu (see Figure 25-11):
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There are two techniques for inserting Flash videos in Dreamweaver. if you only have access to the FLV file, but not Flash, you can use the Dreamweaver insert Flash Video feature. if you ve already imported your video or used the FLVPlayback component in Flash, you would use Dreamweaver s insert Flash feature. To use the insert Flash Video option, follow these steps: 1. Choose Insert u Media u Flash Video. 2. When the Insert Flash Video dialog box opens, choose between progressive download and streaming. 3. Choose the location of the FLV file, either a local file for progressive download or a urL path for streaming. 4. Select the desired skin. Please note that the choices available in Dreamweaver are significantly different than those in Flash. 5. Set the video size and options like auto play and auto rewind. 6. if desired, you can prompt users to download the correct version of the Flash Player and set the displayed message. Dreamweaver copies all the necessary files to your site and reminds you that they need to be published along with the movie and skin SWF files. To use the insert Flash option, choose Insert u Media u Flash and select the SWF file. All modifications are made through the Property inspector.
Let us reconsider Ex. 4.1 and design a DFE equalizer rather than a linear equalizer for the channel C(z) = 1 0.5z- , for which M = 2. We select a feedforward filter with 3 taps (i.e., L = 3)and a feedback filter with one tap (i.e., Q = 1). We also select A = 1. The resulting structure is shown = 1,O = 1, and : in Fig. 6.3. For this example,
As implied by the terminology, the decision feedback equalizer (DFE) employs a feedforward filter and feedback filter in order to combat the inflicted by the dispersive channels. IS1 The non-linear functionmanifested by the decision device is introduced at the input of the feedback filter. The general block diagram of the DFE is shown in Figure 2.8. In general, as in the linear MSE equalizer, the forward filter partially eliminates the IS1 introduced by the dispersive channel. The feedback filter, in the absence of decision errors, is fed with the error-free signal in order to further eliminate ISI. the Explicitly, in Figure 2.8 the feedback filter - labelled as the Bwd Filter - receives the detected symbols. It then subtracts its output from the estimate made by the forward filter in order to yield the input signal to the detector. Again, since the feedback filter uses a clean signal as its input, the feedback loop mitigates the IS1 without introducing noise into the system. However, the disadvantage is that when a wrong decision is fed back into the feedback loop, error propagation is inflicted and subsequently reduces the BER performance of the equalizer. The detailed feedforward filter of Figure 2.9 is constituted by the coefficient taps labelled C~+CN, 1, where N f is the numberof taps in the feed forwardfilter. The causal feedback filter consists of N b feedback taps, denoted by b l + b ~ ~ The feedforward filter is fed only . with present and future received signal samples, which implies that no latency is inflicted. As a result of this, the feedforward filter eliminates only the pre-cursor ISI, but not the postcursor ISI, both of which were defined in Section 2.2. While the feedforward filter eliminates most of the pre-cursor ISI, the feedback filter mitigates the IS1 caused by the past data symbols, i.e the post-cursor ISI. Since the feedforward filter only eliminates the pre-cursor IS1 and not the post-cursor ISI, noise enhancementin the DFEis less significant, when compared to the linear MSE equalizer.
Figure 4-7: The Audio settings dialog box with Sample settings
1.5 Milestones in Adaptive Modulation History
15: Introducing Formulas and Functions
For this exercise, use the Car.obj file found in the Photoshop CD bonus content. To access this file, insert the CD containing the bonus content and navigate to Goodies 3D models Car.
$2.00 (cost per loaf) / 20 (number of slices) $0.10 (cost per slice of bread) A slice of bread costs $0.10. We use 2 slices of bread. We need to multiply the cost per slice by the number of slices we use to determine our portion cost per entree. $0.10 (cost per slice) 2 (portion size) $0.20 (cost for 2 slices of toast)
The Basic Financial Statements
You cannot resize the text box added to a blank new page using any tool in Acrobat. All text box sizes are determined by the margin settings in the Page Setup dialog box or the New Document preferences.
The two different types of data sources are system-based and file-based. File-based data sources store their data in physical files; Access, Excel, and dBase are all examples of file-based data sources. A system-based data source works with data stored in its own dedicated server where the database system resides. MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL are system-based. Both types of data sources are structured in fundamentally the same way. A database is made up of a series of records. Each record can be thought of as a snapshot of a particular set of details. The details are known as fields, and each field contains pertinent information or data. A single database record can be made up of any number of fields of varying types some fields hold only numbers or only dates, whereas others are open-ended and can hold any type of information. A series of database records that have the same fields is commonly referred to as a table a simple table is also known as a flat-file database. Like a word-processing or HTML table, a database table has rows and columns. Each column represents a field, and each row represents a record. For example, the following table called BookTitles describes a series of books.
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