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Using Excel Add-Ins for Extra Capabilities
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6. Certain databases, such as those from Oracle, enable you to restrict the number of database items available from a connection. To limit the available tables, click Advanced and enter the desired Schema and/or Catalog. 7. To make sure that your connection is properly set up, click the Test button in the Custom Connection String dialog box. If the connection is established, Dreamweaver reports the success. 8. Click OK to close the Custom Connection String dialog box. The new connection is now listed in the Databases panel.
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The previous technique moves both the reference point and the layer at the same time. What you re really doing is locking the reference point to a specified point in the layer (for example, the center or the top-left corner). As you move the reference point, the layer moves by the same amount.
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You have to prove who you are. It was really horrible, Hernandez said.11 Interestingly enough, the identity thief was finally located not by the police but by the detective work of Hernandez himself. He started to check his credit report regularly and in March 2006, he discovered someone was using his identity and Social Security number to rent an apartment in Mesa. 12 He quickly alerted the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department who conducted surveillance at the apartment complex and arrested the fraudster. The bad news is that this is but one of the 40 to 50 new cases of identity theft the Mesa Police Department receive each month.13 FOREVER VIGILANT A few years ago I was in an airport shuttle van heading to SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Washington. En route, we stopped at a house to pick up a passenger. Just before getting into the van, this woman stopped at the mailbox in front of her house, placed several outgoing letters inside, and raised the red flag to indicate to the mail carrier that mail was ready for pickup. I got to talking with this passenger and remarked that it was not a good idea to place outgoing mail into an unlocked mailbox. I explained that the raised red flag signaled to mail thieves that inviting mail possibly containing checks and other personal information was inside. You could become a victim of identity theft, I said. Oh, that s just what I need considering my bad luck, she uttered. She explained that a few months earlier, she had left her pocketbook in her car parked in her driveway. She did not think about it until she went to her car the following morning and saw that someone had broken the car window and stolen her purse. Inside was her wallet with multiple forms of identification and several credit cards. She did not report the theft to the police but did call her credit card issuers to close the accounts. I asked if she had done anything else such as check her credit reports for possible unauthorized use of her name and credit. She had not. After telling her of the many bad things that could happen as a result of identity theft, I have no doubt she left the shuttle far more concerned than when she had entered. I also hope that she was motivated to do more to protect her good name in the future and not become a victim. 20 contains numerous steps to follow if one should be the unfortunate victim of identity theft.
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Once you ve created a connection in one of the other Dreamweaver Techniques in this chapter, you re ready to put it to use. In this Technique, you build your first recordset and view the data chosen.
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number of inputs and outputs data length number of sensors probability density function (p.d.f.) of x probability density function (p.d.f.) of y(k) permutation matrix cross-correlation function of discrete-time processes x [n] and y [n] cross-correlation function of continuous-time processes x (t) and y (t) covariance matrix of x covariance matrix of x and y correlation matrix between f (y) and g(y) real M-dimensional parameter space real part
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2. Do any of the following: To remove a series, select it from the Legend Entries (Series) list and click Remove. To add a series, click Add, and then drag across the range on the datasheet to enter it into the Edit Series dialog box; then click OK to accept it. To edit a series, select it in the Legend Entries (Series) list and click Edit. Then drag across the range or make a change in the Edit Series dialog box, and click OK. 3. (Optional) To rede ne the range from which to pull the horizontal axis labels, click the Edit button in the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels section. A dotted outline appears around the current range; drag to rede ne that range and click OK. 4. (Optional) To rede ne how empty or hidden cells should be treated, click the Hidden and Empty Cells button. In the Hidden and Empty Cell Settings dialog box that appears, choose whether to show data in hidden rows and columns, and whether to de ne empty cells as gaps in the chart or as zero values. Then click OK. The Hidden and Empty Cells Settings dialog box is shown in Figure 14-11.
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35 Foreign-Born % of tech center population 30 25 20 15 10 5
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Changing the layer hierarchy
Flash to Dreamweaver
Photoshop CS4 After the Shoot
= 250 / 90'
46 sented by the vertices. An edge between vertices
Area E:Indefinite Least-Squares
The Motherboard and Its Components
If you choose a different color model from that of the Illustrator artwork, Illustrator writes out the image as a flat file, and the Write Layers option below is dimmed.
we are posing is less wide. If we leave out of account the various forms that the division of labour assumes according to the conditions of time and space, the general fact remains that the division develops regularly as history proceeds. This fact certainly depends on causes that are likewise constant, causes that we shall investigate. . . . Dielectrics The atoms and molecules of materials with no free charges contain bound charges. Therefore an external electric field E ( z ,t ) turns them into elementary electric dipoles that generate another electric field in the opposite direction. This effect, which is called electric polarization, may be quantified by the polarization vector P ( z ,t ) that gives the volume density of the moments of the elementary dipoles. This vector may be expressed in terms of the electric field E ,
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