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You can set up indentation via the Paragraph dialog box.
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To use Remote Desktop or Remote Assistance through a firewall, you must open port 3389 on your host machine. All activities for these two features happen through that port. If you use the built-in Windows XP firewall to protect your host PC, open the port by following these steps: 1. Open the My Network Places folder. (Alternatively, you can use Winlogo+R, control firewall.cpl to skip the first four steps.) 2. Click the View Network Connections link in the panel on the left. (If you don t see the link, click the Folders button to show the task pane.) 3. Right-click the icon representing your Internet connection, and choose Properties. 4. Click the Advanced tab of the resulting Properties dialog box, and then click the Settings button. 5. Click the Exceptions tab, and in the Programs and Services section (see Figure 10-6), check the Remote Desktop item. 6. Click OK until you ve dismissed all the dialog boxes. This sequence opens port 3389 in the Windows XP firewall (although it doesn t actually say that it does so). If you use this firewall in conjunction with another firewall, either hardware or software, you must open all 3389 ports. However, that port need not be open on your client machine, only on the machine you want to control remotely (that is, the host). Neither remote feature functions if both the Expert and the Novice computers are operating behind a NAT device. Quite simply, it cannot make the connection. If the Novice connects through a NAT device, however, and the Expert has a direct connection (that is, a non-local IP address), the connection can be made and Remote Assistance can continue. This is true whether the TCP/IP configuration on the Expert computer specifies a fixed IP number or, as is the case of many cable and DSL connections, allows the ISP s DHCP server to assign that IP As long as the Expert PC is identified by a non-local IP .
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Part III: Interfacing with Your Audience
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The vo ltages across the inductor and capacitor can be written in terms of Q as
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10: Working with Hard Disks
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Figure 17-12: The Images tab in the Inspector palette
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Even if you re comfortable with the PowerPoint slides that you ve created, you still might be a little nervous about the actual speech that you re going to give. This is normal. In fact, a study from a few years ago showed that public speaking is the number-one fear among businesspeople. Fear of death came in second. That should tell you something. It s okay to be a little bit nervous because it gives you extra energy and an edge that can actually make your presentation better. However, if you re too nervous, it can make you seem less credible. One way to overcome stage fright is to stop focusing on yourself, and instead focus on your audience. Ask yourself what the audience needs and how you are going to supply that need. Become their caretaker. Dedicate yourself to making the audience understand you. The more you think of others, the less you think of yourself.
There are a number of sites where you can get updated news, technical tips, and even gossip about the world of podcasting. These are some of our favorites: n Jake Ludington s Media Blab (www.mediablab.com): Jake Ludington is a digital media maven. His site has lots of great content, from helpful how-to articles to news about the podcasting world. n My Podcast Center (www.mypodcastcenter.com): This directory includes helpful podcasting information. n The Podcasting Bible (www.podcastingbible.com): You didn t think we d launch this book without a companion site, did you n Podcast Alley (www.podcastalley.com): This is mostly a directory, but the forum has lively discussions about all aspects of podcasting.
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Change Case
An early prospect for Appistry6 (in the 2003 timeframe) initially became very excited about the prospects of using commodity infrastructure to reliably support their web-based commerce operations. Yet upon further investigation it became clear that their real problem was in their database. As is all-too-typical in enterprise applications (web-enabled or otherwise), this company had kept all the problems of state (i.e., the hard stuff) out of any portion of the application outside of the data tier. This turns out to be very, very common. Most people familiar with building out applications to any sense of web scale will directly state that at some point, some place, somewhere, and somehow, the database will be the bottleneck it is really only a matter of time.
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