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c. Open the Shape Effects menu, click Bevel, and click the rst bevel style (top left).
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Figure 5-11: The Windows Computer Properties window.
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1. Select the text or image that you want to serve as the link to the audio file. 2. In the Property inspector, enter the name of the audio file in the Link text box, or click the Folder icon to browse for the file. To link to a dynamic source, choose Select File Name from Data Sources and select an appropriate field from the available recordset(s). 3. Because audio files can be large, it s good practice to note the file size in the Status Bar or to enter it as part of the information in the Alt text box for your image.
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Restore Reformat hard disk Apply new version Perform File Maintenance View event log Restart System
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FIGURE 17.18 Select Scan from paper and click Continue.
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industrial load is 240 ~ V rms. Find lh e value of capacitance th at when placed in parallel with the load will mise lhe power faclor 10 0.9 lagging. 9.89 An industrial load is supplied through a transmission line that has a line impedance of 0.1 + jO.2 fl. The 60 Hz line voltage at the load is 480 1St.. V mlS. The load consumes 124 kW at 0.75 pr lagging. What value of capac itance when placed in parallel with the load will change the power factor to 0.9 lagg ing
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= - - - = - = 4.29
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FIGURE 11-16
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Even though no other user can directly access the private folder, your files and folders still aren t safe from other users eyes. Anyone with a Computer Administrator account can change the password of any other accounts on the system (including those of other Computer Administrators) and gain access to those files. Somewhat astonishingly, Computer Administrators can even change the password of the initial Administrator account and gain access to files and settings. Once again, be careful to whom you give Administrator privileges.
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Part VII: Managing Information with Access and OneNote
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