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Gauss and Radau IRK methods
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The read mechanism on a DVD is very similar to that used in the CD. The primary difference is that the DVD uses a dual focus pick-up to read the disc. A DVD is the same size physically as a CD-ROM, but the formatting on a DVD is considerably different than the formatting on a CD. Table 13-1 compares the formatting of a DVD-Audio disk with a CD-DA disk.
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Like many filter dialog boxes, the Reduce Noise dialog box allows you to move and resize your image (the layer or selection being filtered) within the Preview window, using the Zoom buttons (+ and ) and with your mouse within the Preview itself (your mouse becomes a Hand by default). Using the sliders on the right, the Basic version of the dialog box allows you to tweak the following settings, until you like what you see on the left:
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11: Hard Disk Interfaces
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Part III
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Premiere s transparency controls enable you to change the opacity of the objects you create in the Title window. By lowering the opacity in an object, you can create interesting graphics effects where portions of objects below show through the object above. By using the three opacity controls, Beginning, Ending, and Overall Transparency, you can even make the opacity gradually change percentages in text or graphic objects. To change Opacity of an object, follow these steps: 1. Select text or a graphic with the Selection tool.
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Part IV
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The PSD Import dialog box, introduced in version 6.5, is a very helpful addition to Quark s arsenal of tools and makes PSD handling much easier than in previous versions of the software.
Sometimes you need to merge columns, rows, or cells. Merging cells is easy. Select the cells you want to merge, and click Merge Cells in the Merge group of the Table Tools Layout tab (refer to Figure 9-13).
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Positioning a Text Box
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