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Guides can be positioned precisely as well as by dragging. To set a guide s horizontal or vertical placement to a specific value, follow these steps:
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Applying the moving average approach, we can easily transform it to an on-line version:
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Development Process
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Proof: Since A is invertible, Theorem 5.3 implies that
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Part II
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GIF s major strengths a limited number of total colors per image, a lossless compression method, and a liking for regions of solid color also are the format s major weaknesses. After all, what do you do if your image has millions of colors that fade from one to the next all over the place For example, how do you deal with the average color photograph We thought you d never ask.
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The Insert Rows or Columns feature enables you to include any number of rows or columns anywhere relative to your current cursor position. To add multiple columns using the Insert Rows or Columns dialog box, follow these steps:
Part II
Essential Color Management
The Feather Selection dialog box appears.
Figure E2.18
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