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the focal plane is thus Pi A2 Po 4M 2 z2 o Po 4( f =#)2 (5:49)
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would lead to an entirely different stochastic process. Namely, by using a Taylor expansion of B ( X t j + , tj+l) and keeping only the leading order terms, we obtain ,
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A rectangle and triangle viewed from plan view and southeast view.
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The Package for CD command generates a CD containing all data les needed to show the presentation plus a browser-based interface like the one shown here.
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1. Create a blank page and save the page as PDF . 2. Add a text field to the blank page. 3. Add a button to the blank page. 4. Add a JavaScript to the button and save the file. 5. Open the PowerPoint file converted to PDF as Notes. 6. Select Document Insert Pages and insert the blank page with the text field and button as a new page. 7. Create a page template from of the blank page (containing the field and button). 8. The button with the JavaScript appears on the blank page. Click the button and all slides are merged with the template. 9. Delete the template page. Save your file.
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The More command opens a dialog box of effects for the chosen type.
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Fig. 2.17 Kettle. Wort in this design is siphoned through the external heating device (calandria), thus ensuring an ef cient and highly turbulent boil.
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The size of the portion served to the guest varies based on a number of factors. The first factor is the meal period. Lunch portions are smaller than dinner portions. Some restaurants offer the same entrees for both lunch and dinner. The dinner portions are larger than the same item at lunch and might come with a choice of soup or salad. If this is the case, the menu price for the dinner entree is higher than the comparable entree served for lunch.
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If you are using an animated GIF, it plays the number of times speci ed in its header. That could be in nite looping (0), or it could be a speci ed number of times. You can t set it to do otherwise. (You can, however, delay its initial appearance with custom animation. See 18 for details.) Other videos, such as your own recorded video clips, have more settings you can control.
Much less well known than Windows Media Player, the Windows Media Encoder 9 Series (there is no Media Encoder version 10 as of this writing) provides a number of highly useful features for working with video files. Together, the Encoder and its utilities provide a small, but effective, set of tools to capture, convert, encode, edit, and stream video files. Media Encoder 9 Series is available as a separate download from Microsoft. The URL is too long for inclusion here, but you can find the software by going to Microsoft s home page (www.microsoft.com) and typing Windows Media Encoder in the Search field at top right. Among the first resulting links you ll find the direct link to the download page. Click it; then, from the resulting Encoder 9 page, click Continue. You need to go through a brief Windows validation sequence in order to proceed to the Encoder Download page, at which time pressing the Download button starts the downloading and installation process. Installation also adds a Windows Media menu to your All Programs menu, from which you can launch Windows Media Encoder and its utilities. Opening Media Encoder, or choosing File New, yields the New Session dialog box shown in Figure 12-1. You can click either the Wizards or the Quick Starts tab to begin your session, choosing from among the wizards or Quick Starts scripts to perform the function you want.
Data block
Exercise 163 Single-Particle Projection Operator
=-rn~(r)~ 1 -kBT.
Blend images together: This option finds the borders of the images and blends them together optimally for the best results. Vignette removal: If some or all of the images have lens vignettes, select this option to have them removed while the merge is taking place. Geometric distortion correction: Use this option if any of the photos being used have distortions caused at the time of capture, such as barrel, pincushion, or fisheye distortions.
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