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Problem 1 . (Determinant of error covariance matrix) For any square matrices A and B 17 satisfying A 2 B 2 0, show that det A 2 det B. Conclude that the linear least-mean-squares estimator of Thm. 3.1 also minimizes the determinant of the error covariance matrix, det (E 55*).
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To the second part of the assertion: The system can be solver by Cramer s rule, in which case we find that
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Summation: Calculates the pixel values in the stacked image by adding values from all images in the stack. This increases the resolution in fainter areas of the images, but the brighter areas just become white. Variance: Similar to the Standard deviation. Areas that match are black, and areas that do not match are gray to white based on the variance in the stacked image.
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As you drag a slide, its new position is indicated by a vertical line.
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Getting the Facts . . . and More
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Working with Color
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The operating system for your local development machine may be different from the operating system of your remote server. If so, using the Line Break Type option may cause your hTML to appear incorrect when viewed through a simple text editor (such as notepad or Textedit). Dreamweaver s Code view and Code inspector, however, do render the code correctly. n
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Welcome to Photoshop
We mentioned in our derivation of the steepest-descent algorithm in Sec. 8.2 that any choice for the search direction of the form (cf. (8.18)):
> probabilities
suggestion was sound in theory and would quickly determine if a person had submitted the application in question, the extra steps and time would be financially burdensome. There were many prosecutions in the early years, but the jail sentences were not significant enough to have a deterrent effect. The crimes continued to grow. As a consequence, although criminals were apprehended and successfully prosecuted, offenders did not receive long prison sentences, and the lure of the money brought on recidivism. A felony or even a misdemeanor conviction would have a major impact on an average person, but the short sentences the fraudsters received sent a clear message to recidivists that identity theft was extremely profitable. JAIL ORDER FRAUD There are always opportunities for creative and resourceful criminals to fleece an unsuspecting public. For those hardened fraudsters focused on committing identity theft, even confinement in a prison was not a barrier to committing this crime. During the summer and fall of 1981, Ricky Lee Bishop and Howard A. Jones were inmates at the Pulaski County Prison Farm in Virginia. Bishop was in prison on unrelated credit card fraud charges, serving a three-year sentence. Jones was a frequent prison guest with a history of criminal offenses including Grand Larceny and Obtaining Money by False Pretenses. Due to good behavior in prison, both Bishop and Jones were participating in a weekend furlough program where they were permitted to return home on Saturdays and Sundays. Prison did not stop the pair from returning to a life of crime. While serving their sentences, Bishop and Jones were able to obtain the credit card numbers of people who had stayed at the Red Carpet Inn in Pulaski. Prisoners assigned to work on garbage collection details with the Pulaski County Sanitation Department obtained the stolen credit card numbers from the inn, one of the stops for the garbage pickup. The inmates would go through the trash at the hotel and recover discarded credit card receipts. It was believed that this was how Bishop and Jones found the credit card numbers used for the fraud. Back in 1981, multiple part credit card slips with carbon paper inserts were used for sales transactions. The slips contained the purchaser s name, credit card number, expiration information, and signature. Often merchants discarded the slips after the transactions were completed. Fraudsters quickly found that Dumpster diving was a simple and easy way to obtain personal information for fraudulent purposes. It worked for these two inmates; it is no different today for those who fail to properly shred documents containing pertinent information. After obtaining the credit card numbers, Bishop and Jones ordered merchandise by telephone from various companies located in Richmond, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Decatur. One of the companies was Best Products, a now-defunct chain of catalog sales and retail stores that was located in Richmond, Virginia. The inmates used the addresses of girlfriends and relatives as the delivery addresses for the merchandise. They would then arrange to pick up the packages on weekends when on furlough. On several occasions, Bishop would personally return the merchandise to Best Product stores located in Roanoke and Lynchburg for cash refunds.
effectively transform the entire design, whether a single large graphic is used like a watermark or, as in this example layout, a repeating portion is made to fill the canvas. 1. In Photoshop, choose File u Open and navigate to 3 in the folder of exercise files. Open Chocolate Dipped Comp.psd. 2. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool and drag out a rectangle from the top-left portion of the image down to the white section below the gray bar and adjacent gradient. Your selection should be approximately 10 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall (Figure 3-15).
for all possible populations; (or visit counts) for higher
ANSWER: V0 3 V = -
tions that the designer may face and that could benefit from standardization . For example, where a set of component operations that provide the same functional feature have different parameters depending on precisely which kind of business entity is being operated on, then a single way of handling this should be defined. An example of design alternatives in this situation can be found in interfaces associated with exchange rate operations . An exchange rate may be of several kinds-a spot rate (say, at 09 :00 EST), a contracted rate, a rate that depends on the amount to be exchanged, and so forth . Interfaces on a currency book component that use exchange rates may require different parameters depending on the kind of exchange rate . For example, if the exchange rate depends on the amount exchanged, then an amount needs to be provided, but if it is a contracted rate, then the contract number would be required . A functional designer addressing such interfaces should have guidance on which of various alternatives should be used . Such alternatives include the following : One operation for each kind of exchange rate, where the parameters depend on the kind of exchange rate . The different combinations of "kinds" will lead to a high number of operations but will allow each function to be performed with one invocation of a stateless server . For example, the following could be the interface for a contract-based exchange .
Figure 4.5: Relative frequencyof power control andAQAM mode switching using the threshold-based power control scheme for different dynamic ranges IC, which was designed according to Table 4.1 in order to achieve a low mean BER. The switching threshold levels were set to 11 = - m d B , 12 = 8dB, 13 = 14dB, 14 = 24dB and 11 = 5dB, 12 = 8dB, 13 = 14dB, 14 = 24dB for the non-blocking and blocking schemes, respectively and perfect channel
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Options and expectations
34: Creating Access Tables
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