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Part I
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give the same solution W (neglecting the arbitrary scaling and permutation). This de nes an equivalent class of estimating functions which are essentially the same for batch estimation.
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Attribute Access provides a generic interface that allows arbitrary sets of data to be get or set from an entity bean dynamically. The interface allows EJB 1.X entity beans to use a DTO factory to extract DTO creation logic and optimize on remote calls, as well as allowing EJB 2.X entity beans to simplify their local interfaces by removing the need for fine-grained get/set methods. The only dependency been client and entity bean code is the naming conventions placed on the keys used to identify attributes, described later in this pattern. The session fa ade or DTO factory can access an entity bean s attributes through the attribute access interface. Figure 1.14 illustrates a typical case. Here, a client is interested in gathering a subset of the data of a Car entity bean relating to its engine. A client calls the getCarEngineData method on the session fa ade, which in turn asks an entity bean for the exact attributes that are part of the car engine, by first creating a collection that includes the key values of the attributes of interest (horsepower, volume, and so on), then passing this collection to the getAttributes(collection) method on the entity bean, which will return a HashMap with this exact subset. After receiving the populated HashMap from the Car entity bean, the session bean can: 1. Return the HashMap to a remote client. Here the session bean uses the HashMap as serializable container for transferring data across the network (as described in the Data Transfer HashMap pattern in 2). 2. Convert HashMap into a DTO and return it. As a DTO factory, the session bean can extract the values of the HashMap and add them to a data transfer object, returning the DTO to the client.
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Secure Pages
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Selections, Masks, and Filters
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The GET method of form handling had to be reinstated by the W3C after much outcry, largely because of the bookmarkability factor. Despite that it s still implemented as the default choice for form handling in all browsers, GET now comes with a strong recommendation to deploy it in idempotent usages only in other words, those that have no permanent side effects. Putting two and two together, the single most appropriate form-handling use of GET is the search box. Unless you have a compelling reason to use GET for non-search-box form handling, use POST instead.
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You can t be an expert at everything, so don t try to be all things to all clients. Focus on doing a few things and do them exceptionally well.
Figure 5.13 Active pixel sensor layout.
Utility business components are mainly identified based on experience, rather than on any of the preceding guidelines . Look for the utility business components defined in this book : It is highly likely that, if you accept the architecture principles illustrated here, they, or something close to them, will apply in your domain . New utility components that capture particular sets of reusable services can be added during a project . Utility components are identified mostly by commonality, experience, and reusa bility.
Overview of Ethernet LANs and Network Routing
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