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Unless you re creating a lot of semitransparent gradients, you ll probably be using the color stops rather than the opacity stops most of the time. Here s how to work with the color stops:
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If you like typing commands, you can create short versions of the command names, called aliases. Many are already included with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. Aliases are covered in
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Although these six linearly independent simultaneous equati ons can be solved by any conveniem method, we will employ a MATLAB solution. As th e following results indicate, the current 1 is - 48 rnA. 0
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debt) must be addressed. The net assets of the proprietary fund (assets less liabilities) are categorized as Invested in capital assets, net of related debt Restricted Unrestricted Additional discussion of these classifications will be provided in later chapters. At this point, it is important simply to understand that the proprietary funds define their net assets in different categories. One of the more significant changes in this area brought about by GASBS 34 is the accounting for capital contributed by a government into the proprietary fund. Previously, these capital contributions were recorded directly as additions to net assets. Statement No. 34 requires that these capital contributions flow through the statement of revenues, expenses, and changes in net assets, where they are reported separately from operating revenues and expenses, but not directly as an addition to net assets. A too-quick read of this statement of a proprietary fund may cause the reader to think that the proprietary activity made more money than it actually did because some of the increase in net assets may not be from its proprietary activity, but rather from a capital contribution from the primary government. Refundings of Debt The previous section on debt service funds described advance refundings of debt as they impacted the debt service fund and government-wide financial statements as they relate to governmental activities. However, since the debt that is refunded is actually recorded on the financial statements of the proprietary funds, there are some different rules for accounting for these defeasances. The rules are set by GASBS 23, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Refundings of Debt Reported by Proprietary Activities (GASBS 23). This can be a fairly complex accounting area that is beyond the scope of this book. The reader should be aware of one or two simple concepts as to these refundings that will be helpful in un-
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Setting options for the History panel
Part IV: Incorporating Dynamic Data
Parametric constraints are new for AutoCAD 2010. They are not available in AutoCAD LT. The feature includes two types of constraints: geometric and dimensional.
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Acrobat Professional offers you a more sophisticated analysis where more file attributes are checked and a report is created in a file or by adding comments to the open PDF document, or both. To use the Full Check option, follow these steps.
To delete an unwanted vector mask, select the layer containing the vector mask and choose Layer Vector Mask Delete. You can also right-click the vector mask s thumbnail and choose Delete Vector Mask, or drag the thumbnail down to the Delete Layer icon. (You can also click the vector mask thumbnail then click the Delete Layer icon.) Photoshop asks you to confirm that you want to delete the mask; click OK to continue. The vector mask vanishes, and the full layer is revealed again.
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Operator Behavior Is true if and only if both of its arguments are true. Is true if either (or both) of its arguments are true. Is true if its single argument (to the right) is false and false if its argument is true. Is true if either (but not both) of its arguments are true. Same as and, but binds to its arguments more tightly. (See the discussion of precedence later in the chapter.) Same as or but binds to its arguments more tightly.
implication see, e.g., [ 1001.
importance for end-to-end service quality calculations, as will be discussed in 5. In the general case, to receive adequate service quality support where applicable the application needs to be able to tell the network the service quality requirement and the properties of the application ow (e.g., maximum bandwidth, burstiness). This can be performed either via signalling, or based on a Service Level Agreement between the network operator and the end user. In the former case, the RSVP signalling uses the TSpec and RSpec
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