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The Distributed Component
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development and project management process while preserving the information system integrity (at all levels) and supporting the independent development of the various autonomous artifacts . 5 . Iterative nature. The development process supports, through the ability to autonomously implement and evolve individual components, a highly iterative and incremental process. For this to be cost-effective, the development environment philosophy must support fast iterations through the lifecycle . Fast iteration applies both to development of a single component and to rebuilding the system after a modification . The implication is that it should be possible, for example, to rapidly develop, check, modify, calculate dependencies, and if required regenerate and rebuild the system . This can be enabled only by integration and streamlining of processes and tools (further addressed in 10) at all the lifecycle phases so that they support RSD and enterprise-level (as opposed to userinterface) prototyping . 6 . High levels of development concurrency . Previous characteristics support the ability for separate teams to design, develop, and test parts of the system in isolation from and concurrently with other teams, while still preserving system-wide integrity. This is an essential element of rapid development and directly supports the objective of cost-effective software manufacturing . 7 . Continuous integration . The iterative nature of component-based development must also be supported by a continuous integration approach throughout the lifecycle . A functional developer should be able to continuously develop parts of the system and get immediate system-level feedback on the functionality and behavior of the system, while concentrating on building the system's function rather than on technical details . Such continuous, iterative, and rapid development should not sacrifice quality . On the contrary, it should be easy at all times to check for quality without increasing costs, allowing the achievement of high levels of quality for a minimal price. 8 . Supporting risk management-driven development . The whole development process is geared toward best-practice risk management . Developing an information system is complex. Developing a distributed information system adds to this complexity' Today, CBD projects have an even higher risk due to the current immaturity of the field (although this may change rapidly) . We are not the first and will not be the last to advocate development driven by risk-management considerations, especially risk-management techniques that enable high levels of joint development ; immediate feedback on the project status to allow continuous validation and verification of the various design and implementation decisions ; and
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The general one-step method for equation (5.1 1) calculates an approximation Xt'nt of the solution at the time t At using the approximation X at the time t and a time step At. This can be expressed using the notation
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Alternative Business Models
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FIGURE 10-30
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n Lossy: The Lossy setting is for GIF files only and cannot be used in conjunction with the Interlaced option or the texture or Noise Dither settings. Increasing the Lossy setting selectively discards pixel information from a GIF file by using pixel information from previous screens in the file. Depending on the simplicity of your file, you can specify this setting at anywhere from 5 all the way up to 50 without compromising the file quality. This reduces your file size by 5 percent to 40 percent.
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Modifying Table Layout
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Stretch. Sizes image to t exactly between the frame borders. The stretch setting may distort the picture.
Less executive time required. This method can be quicker, requiring a single meeting of 3 4 hours. By being able to review the straw dog Strategy Map prior to the meeting, executives have time to do in-depth thinking about the objectives and causal links.
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Delete New Folder
Logics for Multiagent Systems
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Clone Source: Provides a dynamic interface to control the source used by the Clone tools to heal areas of photos and remove unwanted items. See 15.
N 32-bit Transfer Mode: On those disk drives that support 32-bit transfers
Blacks: This setting determines the color values that are mapped to black in a photo. Raising this setting affects the shadows in a photo and creates the illusion of increasing contrast. Brightness: Although this slider adjusts the brightness of your photo in much the same way as the Exposure slider, there is one significant difference. The Exposure setting increases the lightness or darkness of the entire image, creating the possibility of clipping highlights or shadows. The Brightness setting compresses the shadows and highlights as the slider is moved so there is no possibility of clipping. This warps the color data in the image, reducing the contrast. The Brightness slider should be used after the highlight clipping value is set by the Exposure and the shadow clipping value is set by the Blacks. Contrast: Contrast is the last tonal adjustment, and it s the last one you should use. As you raise the contrast in your image, you see the histogram widen. The contrast affects the midtones in your image, making the dark midtones even darker and the light midtones lighter.
You can change the relative translucency of your object using an opacity map.
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