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There are now a few tools available on the Mac platform that allow you to create enhanced podcasts without having to create the text file by hand or having to run the Tool command in a terminal window. However, in the interest of showing you what goes on under the hood, we re going to show you how to do it by hand. For those of you who are scared of using the command line or scared of angle brackets, you should skip to the section below titled Enhanced podcast authoring tools. Encoding is covered in depth in 13, using MP3 encoding examples. To create an AAC file, make sure you choose the AAC codec in whatever encoding application you use. The rest of your
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ables bring structure to a Web page, and they are especially important when displaying data for Web applications. Whether it is used to align numbers in a spreadsheet or arrange columns of information on a page, an HTML table brings a bit of order to otherwise freeflowing content. Tables are the preferred method for presenting structured information. Dreamweaver s implementation of tables reflects this trend in Web page design. Drag-and-drop table sizing, easy organization of rows and columns, and instant table reformatting all help get the job done in the shortest time possible. Table editing features enable you to select and modify anything in a table from a single cell to multiple columns. Moreover, using Dreamweaver s commands, you can sort static table data in a variety of ways or completely reformat it.
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The simple voltage divid er, shown in Fig. 2.50, is ideally suited for this application. We know that ~ is given by
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10.4 MULTIAPERTURE IMAGING Multiaperture imaging systems were of limited utility in the analog age because photochemistry provides no mechanism for fusing two images into one, but the combination of multiaperture imaging and digital image fusion is extremely attractive. Multiaperture imaging is common in living systems, which use multiple apertures to ensure against the failure of a single aperture, to provide parallax for 3D scene analysis and to increase eld of view. As an example, binocular imaging enables the extraordinary human visual eld of approximately 1808 in the horizontal plane and approximately 1208 in the vertical plane. Emerging computational imaging
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The course of your AutoLISP routines may often depend on user input. To satisfy this need, AutoCAD has a family of functions prefaced with the word GET. You have seen requests for user input while using commands; LINE or CIRCLE, for example, request input in the forms of points or distances. You have seen GETVAR for obtaining system variable information. Table 35.4 shows some other useful GET functions. TABLE 35.4
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10: Drawing and Formatting Objects
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Environmental impacts
n The Polygonal Lasso tool: If you don t want to bother with pressing Alt (Win) or Option (Mac), select the Polygonal Lasso. When the Lasso is active, you can switch to the Polygonal Lasso by pressing L or Shift+L, depending on your Use Shift Key for Tool Switch setting in the Preferences dialog box. Or drag from the Lasso tool icon to display the Lasso flyout menu and select the Polygonal Lasso that way. Then click inside the image to set corners in the selection. Click the first point in the selection or double-click with the tool to complete the selection outline. To create free-form curves with the Polygonal Lasso tool, press Alt (or Option on the Mac) and drag.
If you re a little foggy on how to access individual color channels, read 4.
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Business Intelligence vendors seem to love to show dashboards with fancy colorful gauges. Some of these dashboards look like they have been freshly torn from the dashboard of an expensive Italian race car. Somewhere in the past, vendors took the term dashboard too literally. I must admit that at first executives and managers like to see these round and colorful gauges. They look cool. But you don t have to use a dashboard full of gauges too many times before you realize that all those large, colorful
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Letting the audience take control can be scary. If you aren t forcing people to go at a certain pace and view all the slides, what s to guarantee that they don t skim through quickly or quit halfway through Well, there are no guarantees. Even in a show with a live speaker, though, you can t control whether or not people pay attention. The best you can do is put together a compelling presentation and hope that people want to view it. The same applies to a user-interactive presentation. People are either going to watch and absorb it or they re not. There s no point in treating the audience like children. On the contrary, they will likely respond much better if you give them the options and let them decide what content they need. Navigational controls are the main thing that separates user-interactive presentations from normal ones. You have to provide an idiot-proof way for people to move from slide to slide. Okay, technically, yes, they could use the same navigational controls that you use when presenting a show (see 20), but those controls aren t always obvious. Moving forward is a no-brainer (click the mouse), but what about moving backward Would you have guessed P for Previous if you hadn t already known Probably not. And what if they want to end the show early The rst half of this chapter shows you various techniques for creating navigational controls. Here are some ideas for ways to use navigational controls: Web resource listings. Include a slide that lists Web sites that users can visit for more information about various topics covered in your presentation. You can also include Web cross-references throughout the presentation at the bottom of pertinent slides. Product information. Create a basic presentation that describes your products, with For More Information buttons for each product. Then create hidden slides with the detailed information about each product and hyperlink those slides to the For More Information buttons. Don t forget to put a Return button on each hidden slide so that users can easily return to the main presentation. Access to custom shows. If you have created custom shows, set up action buttons or hyperlinks that jump the users to them on request. Quizzes. Create a presentation with a series of multiple-choice questions. Create custom action buttons for each answer. Depending on which answer the user clicks, set it up to jump to either a Congratulations, you re right! slide or a Sorry, try again slide. From each, include a Return button to go on with the quiz. Troubleshooting information. Ask the user a series of questions and include action buttons or hyperlinks for the answers. Set them up to jump to the slides that further narrow down the problem based on their answers until they nally arrive at a slide that explains the exact problem and proposes a solution. Directories. Include a company directory with e-mail hyperlinks for various people or departments so that anyone reading the presentation can easily make contact. Besides navigational controls, the other big consideration with a user-interactive show is distribution. How will you distribute the presentation to your audience Some of the methods you ve
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