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This array formula returns the number of sales that meet the criteria:
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we nd from Eqn. (6.7) that W(r1 , r2 , n) G(r1 , r2 , t)e 2pint dt (6:9)
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Transferring a Selection to an Independent Channel
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PowerPoint can open les in several formats other than its own, so you can start a new presentation based on some work you have done elsewhere. For example, you can open a Word outline in PowerPoint. The results might not be very attractive but you can x that later with some text editing, slide layouts, and design changes.
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The DVD contains a complete copy of this book in nonprintable PDF format.
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Global IT Standards Group Insights & priorities from architecture, strategy 1 Compile candidate standard list
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stored procedures and the variables necessary to use them are database- and server model dependent. a stored procedure on sQL server is completely different from a ColdFusion stored procedure or another sQL-type database. The stored procedure/Command/Callable dialog box may change based on the type of database to which you re connecting, as well as the server model. n
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As in th e past, we arc most pleased to ackn owledge th e support that has been prov ided by numerou s indi viduals to earlier editions of thi s book. Our Auburn colleagues who have helped are : Th omas A. Baginski Travis Blalock Henry Cobb Bill Dillard Zhi Ding Kevin Driscoll E. R. Graf L. L. Gri gsby Charles A. Gross Dav id C. Hill M. A. Hon nell R. C. Jaeger Keith Jones Betty Kelley Ray Kirby Matthew Langford
For more information on Adobe PDF Bookmarks and nesting bookmarks into parent/child relationships, see 22.
5. If you make a mistake, press Ctrl+Z ( +Z on the Mac). You get only one Undo level here you can undo and redo only your last stroke with the Highlighter tool.
A case with a similar design is called the flip-top case. This case design also uses release buttons to unlock the cover, but instead of the entire top lifting off, the top cover tips up like a top-loading washer. If you need to remove the entire case for some reason, strategically placed screws can be removed to release the entire cover.
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[ 1921 D. Yoon. K. Cho, and J. Lee, Bit error probability of M-ary Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, in Proc.
people to an unprofitable client. Reassign your people to focus on providing added value to the customers who will respond favorably (and profitably) to your attention. 5. Find a hook in key accounts. The reality is that your customer s business is probably in pain too, which means that their needs have changed. Reevaluate their wants, needs and expectations. Then find a hook for products or services that you can provide that will assist in their growth. This often means that you will provide a new product or service to your customers that could very well lead you into a new and profitable business. 6. Acquire great people. Now is really the best time to shed marginal people (you should be shedding the bottom 10 percent of your people every year, anyhow). The upside is that these times are likewise the ideal time to acquire great people. It has become the fundamental law of business, and it s true: A business is as good as its people. There are bound to be some great players available now. Snap them up while you can. 7. Work with your vendors. In a downtime everything is cheaper. Talk with your advertising vendors, your trade show vendors, and your other marketing and promotion vendors. Consider marketing and sales programs that were previously too expensive, and negotiate to make them realistic. Your vendors are in business too! 8. Spend time with your customers. Top performers are usually characterized as companies where top management (including CEOs) spend about 30 percent of their time with customers. Get out of your office. Your best customers and prospects are at risk, and sitting behind that desk won t save them. 9. Invest in training. Training is cheap. When things are slow and staff may have some downtime is the ideal time to get them trained. You not only get a proverbial performance kick-in-the-pants, you also improve morale, teamwork, and continuity while laying the foundation for growth that will surely follow this recession. 10. Invest in key projects. Invest in programs that focus on the acquisition and retention of profitable customers. Your first instinct might be to scale back on all programs in a cost-cutting frenzy. Don t cut so deep that you have no one with the bandwidth to push critical projects forward and pursue new opportunities. Don t lose your momentum now, or you will wind up further and further behind the competition.
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