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FIGURE 5.16 Here you can see the difference between the Intersect Shape Areas and Exclude Overlapping Shape Areas options. The first (left) leaves you with just the parts of the shapes that overlap, while the second (right) removes the overlapping parts from the shape area.
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Table 10.1 Robert Smith s Offense and Defense (First Level of Allocation) Equities Fixed income Cash 65% 25% 10% (Offense) (Defense) (Defense)
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Third, the coil in the toothbrush should generate 6 1.2:.. V at
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To delete a Groove workspace from your computer, select the workspace in the Launchbar and press the Delete key, or click Delete in the Home tab of the Ribbon (or right-click and click Delete). To delete all copies of that workspace from all your computers (i.e., all computers using your current SharePoint Workspace 2010 account), click the Delete tool s drop-down arrow and choose Delete from All Computers. This does not delete copies of the workspace that reside on other user accounts. To delete all copies of the Groove workspace everywhere, choose Delete for All Members.
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Figure 7.8: Impact of channel quality estimation latency upon the wideband AQAM scheme for two differentnormalizedDopplerfrequenciesof 3.25 x (at 1 3 . 3 d s ) and 2.17 x lO-'(at 0.89ds), where the switching thresholds were set according to Table The performance 4.8.
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16: Cloning and Healing Images on a Video Layer . . . . . . . . . 369
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Bop,(z)= -0.23542- and Fopt(z)= 0.1176 0.4706~-1 Had we selected instead A = 0, as we did in Ex. 4.1, then the only quantity that changes is the cross-covariance R,,, which becomes
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On July I, 1940, the thi rd longest bridge in the nation, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, was opened 10 traffic across Puget Sound in Washin gto n. On November 7, 1940, the structure collapsed in what has become the most celebrated structural failure of that century. A photograph of the bridge, taken as it swayed back and forth just before breaking apart, is shown in Fig. l2.30. Explaining the di saster in quantitative terms is a feat for civil engineers and
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We commenced with a historical perspective on OFDM transmissions with reference to the literature of the past 30 years. The advantages and disadvantages of various OFDM techniques were considered briefly and the expected performance was characterized for the sake
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Dimension text is placed over the dimension line without a leader.
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To determine the time at which the capacitor voltage is 6.32 Y, we acti vate the cursors by selecting CursorlDisplay in the Trace menu. Two cursors can be used to extract x-y data from (he plots. Use the ~ and ~ arrow keys to move the first cursor. By holding the SHTFf key down, the arrow keys move the second cursor. Moving the first cursor along the voltage plot, as shown in Fig. 7.36, we find that 6.32 V occurs at a time of I ms. Therefore, the time constant is I ms--exactly the RC product.
Generally, a problem must be proven or be replicated to be an actual problem. If you experience a momentary lapse of connectivity, and then connectivity is restored, the best thing to do is to wait to see if the problem arises again. Of
FIGURE 21.9 Adobe lists a number of RSS feeds hosted on their Web site. Among one of the most popular feeds is a service on Acrobat.
6.17 The counterparty on a futures contract is the clearing corporation, not the entity that actually bought or sold the contract on the oor of the exchange when the hedge fund established the position. The clearing corporation has several advantages in protecting itself from loss compared to a lender in the cash market for the underlying security. First, the clearing corporation has daily margin (both initial
Figure 4.3: Response time distributions
parallelised. Therefore, the sequential part of the task, of length (1 - a)t, will not be shortened when using multiple processors; the part of length alt will be shortened. Thus we find for T(n): T(n) = (1 - o!)t + o;.
Theorem A.10 (Holder inequality) Let f l C
exten sion cord is made from
w - is i 1
Figure 6-18: Using Photoshop s grey point color correcting tool in Figure 6-17, we got the skin tones to look pretty good. The red shirt, brown chaps, and horse are fairly close to natural (though too saturated). But the background is blue when it is supposed to be neutral. We could use the Replace Color tool in Photoshop to get rid of the blue, but it will take some finessing. It s almost always better to shoot using the right color balance rather than try to correct it later in the computer.
system, this option displays the speed of up to three internal fans.
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