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Keeps all in-gamut colors as they are and only moves the out-of-gamut colors (the colors the printer can t print) into the printer s gamut. It s usually the best choice.
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Anyone familiar with window environments is no stranger to scrolling. Fortunately, scroll bars behave in a standard fashion among computer platforms and various computer programs. Page scrolling works the same in an Acrobat viewer as it does in Microsoft Word (or any other Microsoft product for that matter), or any illustration, layout, or host of other applications that you may be familiar with. Drag the scroll bar up and down or left to right to move the document within the active window. Click between the scroll bar at the top or bottom of the scrolling column to jump a page segment or full page. The arrow icons at the top, bottom, left, and right sides allow you to move in smaller segments in the respective directions.
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follows immediately. At this point we believe to have given a sufficient introduction to the stability of ODES and one-step methods. For a deeper study of this topic we refer the reader to the books [25] and [60]. In the last section of this chapter let us discuss the most sophisticated one-step ODE solvers: the higher-order implicit Runge-Kutta methods.
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Type a name in the field box and click OK. The next dialog box that opens is the Edit Batch Sequence Initial View dialog box shown in Figure 18.11. Three items are listed in the dialog box. The next step (the Batch Sequence dialog box actually lists this step as the first step in creating a sequence) is to click the Select Commands button. After you make choices for the commands added to the sequence, you are returned to this dialog box to make choices for items 2 and 3 where you identify the input location of files and the destination (output) location.
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out("tagW,e x p r l , . . . , exprN) in("tagn, f i e l d l , rd("tagU, f i e l d l ,
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The voltage gain for the network is
= --[G'(w)sinwt O
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Part II: Designing and Crafting Basic Pages
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Styling Forms with CSS
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After I trimmed the new video clip, I realized that I wanted a slightly different section of video. Without the capability of a slip edit, changing this clip would be a multistep process. I would have to drag the ends of my video to the portion of the clip I wanted and then drag that section back into place to fill the gap. A slip edit can do all this in just one easy step. To perform a slip edit, simply grab the light-green area at either side of the video clip and push it into the visible content. The content stays in the same place, but the video contained inside the content changes. It s fun to watch, and difficult to show you with the still images in a book, but you can see in Figure 13.16 that the content has changed in relation to the current-time indicator.
You don t see the gray field box yet, because you haven t yet inserted the attribute as part of a block.
Animation (Frames) palette menu
boards at the boundaries
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