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2: Computer Applications.
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Hands-on Portrait Retouching Project: The Complete Workflow
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When discussing disk drives, the term logical is used quite often, usually in a context that s not all that logical at all. A logical entity is one that s created logically, meaning with software. For example, when a disk is formatted (see Formatting a hard disk drive later in the chapter ), system software logically creates the tracks, sectors, cylinders, and so on that are used to address the disk. These entities don t physically exist; that is, they re not hard etched into the recording media permanently. Hope that helps.
One of the great time-savers that we have learned to depend upon is batch processing the ability to apply an edit simultaneously to several pictures. For instance, we use batch processing for the following common edits:
Figure 11-4: A single connector attachment (SCA) adapter combines a SCSI connector with a power connection.
Figure 9-3: A simplified view of the power conversion process in a power supply.
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Food, Fermentation and Micro-organisms
Part II
14.68 For the filler in Fig. PI4.68. choose the values of C, and C2 to place poles at s and 5 = - 5 rud/s.
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