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Podcasting Production
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STEPS: Using 3D Coordinates
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Originally (and still at the craft level) fermentation is not temperature regulated and can take 12 14 months. On a commercial scale in wood or concrete fermenters, the temperature is controlled to 35 40 C for a period of 2 4 months. The must is mixed from time to time with a wooden stick on the small scale or with compressed air on the large scale. The enzymes of the koji hydrolyse proteins early in the fermentation process to generate peptides and amino acids. Then the amylases release sugars from starch, these being fermented to lactic, glutamic and other acids, causing the pH to fall to 4.5 4.8. Carbon dioxide is also produced. If this is in excess, then there is too much opportunity for anaerobic organisms to develop, with attendant avour dif culties. Conversely, if there is excessive oxygen, then the fermentation does not proceed according to the desirable course. The microbiology of soy sauce production is not fully appreciated. In the earliest stages, halophilic Pediococcus halophilus predominates, converting sugars to lactic acid and dropping pH; followed by Zygosaccharomyces rouxii, Torulopsis and certain other yeasts. Table 14.3 lists some of the compounds that contribute to the avour of soy sauce. Yeasts make the biggest contribution to the avour of soy sauce, generating inter alia 4-ethyl guiaicol, 4-ethylphenol, ethanol, pyrazones, furanones, ethyl acetate. Acids are generated by Pediococcus and perhaps lactic acid bacteria.
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/Ctrl+L works, too. Make sure RGB is selected in the Channel drop-down menu.
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5. After creating all the layers for the girl and the couch, I turn my attention to the background. All the other colors are on separate layers, so I create a new layer with the Color blending mode below them and use the Paint Bucket tool to fill it with a gray-blue. (If I were willing to spend more time on this project, I d paint each of the background details curtains, floor, wall a slightly different color.)
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Checking the files on your hard drive, you should now have three image files, looking something like Figure 14.24. These image files are now ready to be included in your finished Web page.
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Change the modes ifyou want the attribute to be constant, invisible, preset, or verified. In this case no change is necessary. The attribute tag is a one-word summary of the subject of the attribute. In this case, you want the user to enter the scale of the drawing.
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The Mask options include New, Add, and Erase. Whenever New is selected, a brush stroke over your image creates a new mask with new settings and places a new pin. After the first brush stroke, the Mask option automatically changes to Add. When Add is selected, the brush strokes you make are added to the currently selected mask. You also can select Erase, which allows you to use the brush to erase areas in the currently selected mask.
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System Log
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Rowlinson, S. (1999b) Selection criteria. In: S. Rowlinson and P. Mcdermott (eds) Procurement Systems A Guide to Best Practice in Construction. E & FN Spon, pp. 276 299. Rwelamila, P.D. and Savile, P.W. (1994) Hybrid value engineering: the challenge of construction project management in the 1990s. International Journal of Project Management, 12(3):157 164. Rwelamila, P.D. (1999) Harmonious and symbiotic relationships towards project success: myth or reality In: S.O. Ogunlana (ed) Pro table Partnering in Construction Procurement: Proceedings of CIB W92 & TG23 Joint Symposium. Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 93 106. Rwelamila, P.D. (2000a) Selection of procurement systems Why have we failed the test Unpublished report, Department of Construction Economics and Management, University of Cape Town, Cape Town. Rwelamila, P.D. (2000b) Project Delivery Systems and Contractual Arrangements. Unpublished report, Department of Construction Economics and Management, University of Cape Town, Cape Town. Rwelamila, P.M.D. (2007). Project management competence in public sector infrastructure organisations. Construction Management and Economics Journal, 25(1):55 66. Rwelamila, P.D. and Meyer, C. (1999) Appropriate or default construction project procurement systems The International Journal of Cost Estimation, Cost and Schedule Control and Project Management, 41(9):40 44. Rwelamila, P.D. and Ngowi, A. (1996) Allocation of project sources and the Inadequacy of the traditional procurement system. Economic Management of Innovation Productivity and Quality in Construction Proceedings of CIB W55, Civil Engineering Institute of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia, September, pp. 117 127 Rwelamila, P.D. and Savile, P.W. (1994) Hybrid value engineering: the challenge of construction project management in the 1990s. International Journal of Project Management, 12(3):157 164. Sanvido, V. and Konchar, M. (1999) Selecting project delivery systems: comparing design-build, design-bid-build and construction management at risk. Project Delivery Institute, Pennsylvania. Savage, G.T., Timothy, W.N., Charlton, J.W. and John, D.B. (1991) Strategies for assessing and managing organizational stakeholders. Academy of Management Executive, 5(2):61 75. Sawczuk, B. (1996) Risk Avoidance for the Building Team. London: E & FN Spon. Stewart, R. (1982) A model for understanding managerial jobs and behaviour. Academy of Management Review, 7:7 14. Turner, A.E. (1990) Building procurement. London: The Macmillan Press Ltd. Wood, Sir K.B. (1975) The public client and the construction industries. National Economic Development Of ce, London.
Evolving Standards
Part III
Photoshop CS4 After the Shoot
You can use this approach to invert a shape area, so that everything that was inside the shape area moves outside, and vice versa. To do this, make sure the shape you want to invert is the only shape on the shape layer, select it, then click the Subtract From Shape Area button (or press the minus key). This subtracts the shape from nothing, leaving you with an inverted shape area. Figure 5.18 shows this handy trick in action.
Once you are successfully connected to the VPN Router, you will be prompted to enter the administrative user ID and password. If authenticated, then you will be granted access to the main interface screen. From this screen, you have four options from which to pick (see Figure 5-2). Each of these options includes a brief description on what that particular option is for. Following are the options:
Element mgmt
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