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that obeys the followingform (8.66) Equation 8.66 is characterized by a mean vector xi and common variance P .. It is important to realize that the solution describedby Equation 8.65 differs from that of Equation 8.4 1. The solution of Equation 8.65 is regularized by the definition given in Equation 8.62 for the weight vector W . The two solutions are the same only if the regularization parameter X is equal to zero. The regularization parameter X provides the smoothing effect in constructing the partition or interpolation hyper-surfaceduring the learning process. Typically, the number of training data symbols is higher than the number of basis functions required for the RBF network to give an acceptable approximation to the interpolation solution. The generalized RBF network is introducedto address this problem and its structure is discussed in the following section.
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You might wish to check with your local Oracle Systems Administrator to see whether your organization is using a different naming method. However, there is no harm in accepting the default value as it can always be changed later.
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Food, Fermentation and Micro-organisms
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The top Presets area of the dialog box shows you the list of currently loaded gradient presets, much like working with the Gradient Picker described earlier. You can also click the little triangle above the Presets area on the right to access a similar menu to the Gradient Picker s menu. Use this menu to change how the presets are displayed (this setting works independently of the setting in the Gradient Picker), reset the presets to the default list, and load preset libraries.
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Figure 3-3: The Mac OS/X Network settings control panel allows you to select manual or automatic IP addressing for each network connection. This example shows the IP settings for an AirPort wireless network connection.
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I learned early in my law enforcement career the value of prevention. As a young federal agent, I wanted to arrest every criminal I could find to stop fraud. Although the goal was noble, it did not work. No matter how many we arrested, new fraudsters just took their places and the crimes continued. Prosecutions put crooks behind bars but were ineffective in reimbursing consumers and businesses for their financial losses. I came to embrace the importance of prevention in limiting victimization from fraud, especially in the case of identity theft. Nothing will guarantee that you will never become an identity theft victim. With the widespread availability of personal information and the increasing exposure from data breaches, the risk is ever-present. But there is much you can do to protect yourself, your family, and your business. Robust prevention activities can limit your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. I say limit because there is no perfect guarantee against victimization. Nevertheless, using the many recommended prevention rules will definitely make you less of a target. First, do not panic. Just because you lost your wallet or purse, do not assume you will automatically become an identity theft victim. The same goes with data breaches. Investigators discovered only 800 cases of fraud among the more than 163,000 identities exposed in the ChoicePoint data breach in 2004. Statistics are on your side. Prevention techniques can provide you safety and peace of mind.
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The Clip Organizer shows real videos mixed together with animated GIFs in the search results. Check a clip s properties if you re in doubt as to its type.
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The next section of the Net8 configuration is the Net Service Name. These are the names by which Oracle client programs can locate particular database servers. The default naming method is to use a local network configuration file that is called the TNSNAMES.ORA. The TNSNAMES string that you enter on this panel should match the string that you entered on the Apache Listener Configuration for Oracle Portal (see Figure 2-6). 8. Accept the default naming method as shown in Figure 2-20 and press the Next button to continue.
For those times when you know that the depth-of-field of your photograph takes precedence over how fast the shutter speed is use aperture priority. As you select the aperture that you want to use, the camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed for what its internal light sensor perceives as the correct exposure for the scene.
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Toner incidents are rare, but if you ever spill toner either inside or outside the printer, don t use a standard vacuum cleaner to clean it up. Because toner comprises very fine particles of iron and plastic, trying to vacuum it will result in it seeping through the walls of most vacuum bags and getting into the motor where it will melt and clog up the works. Special vacuums and vacuum bags are made for dealing with toner.
Appendix A: Installing Windows XP
Management s discussion and analysis (MD&A) is an introduction to the financial statements that provides readers with a brief, objective, and easily readable analysis of the government s financial performance for the year and its financial position at year-end. The analysis included in MD&A is based on currently known facts, decisions, or conditions. For a fact to be currently known, it should be based on events or decisions that have already occurred, or have been enacted, adopted, agreed upon, or contracted. This means that governments should not include discussions about the possible effects of events that might happen. (Discussion of possible events that might happen in the future may be discussed in the letter of transmittal that is pre-
Although the layout of a Web page and the dynamic content that fills it may vary widely, much of the code underlying basic Web data operations remains the same. For example, the basic code that is used to insert employee records into a Human Resources database may also be used to add a new entry into a database that maintains a DVD collection. Dreamweaver removes much of the tedium of scripting common Web applications by supplying objects in the Data category of the Insert panel. Additionally, you ll also find objects for handling data in non-dynamic formats, including importing tabular data and applying Spry data sets. For more information about the Spry elements, see the following section. With a single Data object, you can build an entire Web application that displays a list of records, enables you to navigate through them, displays which records are currently onscreen, and links to another page with detailed information from a selected record. In general, Dreamweaver s Data objects can be used separately or together. The Master Detail Page Set object includes two other Data objects: the Recordset Navigation Bar object and the Recordset Navigation Status object.
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