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This book is built to be a practical guide. It doesn t have much theory in it. There are already many books with theory and case studies about Balanced Scorecards, Six Sigma, Lean, and other performance improvement methods. Rather, this book is intended to be a guide for the people who make it happen. It will help you map your future, identify the critical few metrics, implement the Balanced Scorecard and create operational dashboards. There are three different audiences for this book: the Executive Sponsor or operations manager, facilitators and consultants, and software developers.
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The basic geometry for a coded aperture dispersive spectrometer is illustrated in Fig. 9.4. The only visible change relative to Fig. 9.2 is that we have replaced the slit with a coded aperture. Just as replacing a pinhole with a coded aperture in 2 enabled us to increase throughput for projective imaging, a coded aperture dispersive spectrometer avoids the dependencies between resolving power, etendue, and volume derived in Section 9.2.
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Spreadsheets contain errors. Poorly constructed spreadsheets make it worse by mixing formulas and data so it is easy for users to type over formulas. The users are never taught how to structure their spreadsheets or how to audit the results, so spreadsheets go out to the world containing errors.
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My goal in this chapter is to introduce you to some new products that you likely haven t seen before. The examples in this section are intended to give you an overview of the products features and to give you an idea of the complexity of the products installation and operation. As such, they are not intended to be a complete how-to guide. Also, keep in mind that most of the products shown in the chapter are just one of many similar products available from several manufacturers.
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1. Create a blank PDF page. You can use a number of methods to create a blank page. Insert a blank page from a file you created in another program and exported to PDF Open the JavaScript . Console and type app.newDoc(); and then press the Num Pad Enter key on your keyboard. By default, Acrobat creates a non-editing text block when you use the Create PDF From Blank Page command. Unfortunately, this page won t work because you can t resize the text block and leaving it at the default will disturb the view of the slide when you add text.
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Arithmetic average Geometric average Annualized return 3.11
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6 Use the Expand command (Select Modify Expand) to refine the selection.
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Exercise 2.27 Consider Exercise 2.26 with p + 1 Chebyshev nodal points (2.59). Again present plots of g , g h . p together with the H' -seminorm of the error g - g h , pfor p = 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 and 10. Compare with the results o Exercise 2.26. f Exercise 2.28 At last consider Exercise 2.26 with the projection-based interpolation from Paragraph 2.7.3 instead ofLagrange nodul interpolation. Present plots of the projectionbased interpolants gtL.+ofthe function g in the spaces PT'(KGI), where p = 2 , 4 and 6. Use mesh containing a single element K , = (- 1,l). In all three cases calculate the HI-seminorm ofthe error g - gh, ,. Compare with the results oj'Exercises 2.26 and 2.27.
Add Space Before Paragraph: This specifies the amount of space to add before the paragraph. This setting is in addition to the leading setting that can be set in the Character panel. Add Space After Paragraph: This specifies the amount of space to add after the paragraph. This setting is in addition to the leading setting that can be set in the Character panel. Hyphenate: When this option is selected, Photoshop tries to hyphenate words that fall beyond the right edge of the bounding box.
Word 2010 uses the same themes as PowerPoint. You can apply a theme to the document in Word to make it match the formatting of the presentation in PowerPoint.
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