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When determining your scale to fit a drawing on a sheet of paper, be aware that a plotter cannot print on the entire sheet. A certain amount of the margin around the edge is not available for drawing. The plotter s manual can let you know the width of this unprintable margin. On average, you can assume a half-inch margin on each side; thus you should subtract 1 inch from both the length and width sheet measurements to determine the actual drawing space. Table 5.3 shows standard U.S. sheet sizes. TABLE 5.3
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= I kG , L = 10 mH, and C = 100 JJ-F.
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You can convert a color image to black and white in Photoshop in numerous ways. A couple of years ago, I researched the subject and found at least a dozen different procedures. Some of those procedures are better than others for reasons of control and flexibility. I show you three different methods here, ranging from the least flexible to the most flexible.
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Figure 5.32: Throughput performance of the turbo equalizer for four iterations in conjunction with the wideband AQAM scheme. The iterative LMS CIR estimator described in Section 5.10.2 was utilized and the other simulation parameters are listed in Table The throughput 5.16. of the half-rate coded BPSK and 4QAM modes was also depicted for comparison.
The 3D {Lights} panel
Source: Master of Engineering Management Program, Duke University; School of Information, UC-Berkeley; Kauffman Foundation, 2007. Courtesy of Vivek Wadhwa, America s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs.
Setting Passwords for File Protection
Color and Output
The real key to deciding which color space to use as your main Photoshop working space is how you plan to output your files. If you re using a commercial photo lab, ask what color space the lab prefers. Most will tell you that their equipment works in the sRGB color space. If you plan to do most of your printing at this lab, use sRGB as your working space. Some labs do work in the Adobe RGB (1998) color space. If your lab is one of them, take advantage of the larger color space.
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