Layers offer powerful features that enable you to distinguish all the various elements of your drawing. In an architectural drawing, for example, common layers are walls, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical fixtures, structural elements, notes (text), dimensions, and so on. Mechanical drawings might use center, hidden, hatch, object, and titleblock layers. Each discipline has its own conventions, and where you work you might have specific conventions that you must follow.
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Converting Documents to PDF
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A.1.2 The Log-MAP Algorithm
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The three-egg breakfast sells for $3.95. If we sell 40 portions, how much sales revenue did we collect 40 (number of entrees served) $3.95 (menu price) $158.00 (sales revenue from 40 entrees) What is our gross profit for the three-egg breakfast $158.00 (total sales revenue) $28.00 (total cost for 40 portions) $130.00 (gross profit) $158.00 $28.00 $130.00
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Photoshop CS4 After the Shoot
Assigning Multiple Animation Effects to a Single Object
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x Personal area network (PAN): A personal area network is one set up to
N Infrared Data Association (IrDA) connector: Several keyboard styles are
Authentication and Security
which you can change by double-clicking the QuickMask button.)
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STEPS: Using DDEDIT, QDIM, Grips, and STRETCH to Edit Dimensions
Fake IDs
Calculating how the delta-x and delta-y affect a hatch pattern.
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